5 Tips For New Twin Moms

5 tips for new twin moms

First, let’s start with congratulations! Having two is a beautiful blessing. But can be difficult. So I’ve prepared a list of tips for new twin mom’s.

Things can get chaotic but at the end of the day, your heart is always overflowing with love and pride in keeping your little humans alive and well-kept another day.

There is never too much advice you can give new twin mom’s, I know I had to read at least 100 new mom tips. I’ll save you the despair and give you my top 5.

Remember that all babies are different, and some things that works for others might not work for yours. That’s why my golden tip is know your babies.

Watch and observe your twins for certain patterns and responses to know what your baby need and doesn’t need, and like and doesn’t’ like.

5 tips for new twin moms

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#1. No one is perfect

If we could all be indestructible super moms I’m sure we would be. But, reality says otherwise. It’s ok if you make a mistake or 2 while caring for your newborns.

That’s not what any new mom wants to hear or to think is ok, but parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual, you have to give yourself a break.

So what if you skipped a day of dishes or laundry, or you put a diaper on wrong and there’s pee everywhere, or you got off schedule, or used a microwave for a bottle, shit happens.

#2. The same schedule is the best schedule

As long as your twins are sleeping and eating at the same time, who cares if the time they sleep and eat is not at the time you want.

They won’t always follow schedules exactly the way you want and as they grow so does their sleeping schedules.

At first, I would panic. My daughter woke up at 6 this morning instead of 7 and didn’t sleep until 8:30 when she should be going down for a morning nap at 8 if she wakes on time at 7.

This is at the beginning of course. Once your twins are on the same schedule, and you learn their habits, keeping them on time blocks will be your bestfriend.

When my baby boy awakened, I kept her up until they could sleep together.

I still had 2 hours to myself to clean, blog, shower, and anything else. To learn more about my twins schedule and how to get yours on one check it out here.

I used The Ultimate Time management mini-course. Not only did it help get my kids on a great schedule, but it also helped me stay on top of housework, blogging, and me time. Best. Course. EVER.

#3. Make time for you

I lost my mind around 8 weeks postpartum. I was stuck in the house, there were babies crying all the time, I was exhausted, and missing social interaction.

I found myself returning to work just so I could interact with other people.

Avoid the depression pit by making time for yourself during the babies nap or as a family member to sit for you for 2 or 3 hours so that you can recharge by indulging in a hobby, a relaxing bubble bath, or lunch with your friends.

#4. The unconventional may just be conventional

There is a lot of new mom’s who feel they need to do everything by the textbook. Listen. With twins, this is just simply unrealistic.

With help all the time it could be possible, but it’s hard to find 24/7 help. Some moms are lucky and have that around the clock help or can hire a nanny without breaking the pocket.

For mom’s that can’t, it’s ok to do things your own way. Your littles are unique and mother knows them best.

Sometimes I microwave bottles, I prop bottles when it’s necessary, I started spoon feeding at 4 months, and guess what? They are perfectly fine.

*Please note this does not include safety regulations, some rules can’t be broken!

#5. Always remain prepared/organized

Organize, plan, then organize again. I’m talking scheduling feedings and what they will eat if spoon fed, daily schedules, morning routines, bedtime routines, everything.

I have diaper stations I keep organized, I prep for bottles and meals, I chart what food they will eat and when, I have a clear bedtime and morning routine, and they don’t always want to stay on course, but by staying organized they are at least still in the river’s current.

Need help? Don’t worry, you will be able to find all of it in my next post: surviving the first 6 weeks with twins. Subscribe to receive a notification if you’re interested. You can count on me to twin truthfully!

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5 tips for new twin moms

5 tips for new twin moms

It’s your turn mamas,

What advice do you have for a new twin mom’s? What worked and didn’t work for you?

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