Our Approach

When I found out I was pregnant with twins I searched the internet far and wide for advice. I found some information to be common sense and a lot of my questions remaining unanswered. I also realized some of the advice offered was sugar coated and not like the "real thing" at all. I believe there are other mamas out there in the same position and I am here to help with the no sugar coated words you need.

Our Story

This is the story of a tiny 22 year old living in Alabama as a waitress for waffle house. A month after finding out she was pregnant she moved to Georgia and back to Alabama 3 months later. Because of all the shuffling going on it wasn't until she was 21 weeks that she was finally seen by her doctor! Wishing for a girl, Damico was stunned to find out that not only was she expecting a little girl, but a little boy as well! Reluctant to go back to work she searched high and low for an alternative. Once Damico came across blogging, she had her mind set but was determined that she would never have enough time, she can't make that kind of investment, and wondering if she would fail so she went back to work. Damico and her partner both worked late hours and found it not only hard to find babysitters for twins but very expensive as well. She also found herself excessively tired and unable to balance work and keeping up her home. She decided to give it a second chance. She wanted to share what she wished was shared with her and knew it needed to be heard. This time Damico looked at blogging as a career choice, and reminded herself

"if anything is worth investing in it's yourself and the future of your children."

Meet the Team

Meet the inspiration for it all, The Crawford Twins.


Tavares Crawford

The Eldest Crawford Twin

Tavares is the oldest by 1 minute. He loves rolling around and sleeping in. He also loves carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, and sweet peas.


Tocoya Crawford

Youngest Crawford Twin

Tocoya was born in January of 2018. Full of life and energy, Tocoya is constantly moving, she loves to kick. She also loves Avacado, yogurt, and mango.

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