Amazing Tips For Making A Diaper Cake

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It’s baby shower time! How could the perfect baby shower be complete without an amazing diaper cake?

I’m going to give you some amazing tips that’s going to guide you in making your perfect diaper cake.

Diaper cakes have become a very popular gift idea for baby showers.

Some people think of diaper cakes and assume that the cake contains diapers only, no ma’am. Diaper cakes can actually include everything a new mom need for her newborn.

Such as lotion, baby soap and shampoo, washcloths, etc.

Your diaper cake will not only leave a lasting impression, but provide a new mother with thoughtful essentials she will need and definitely use.

The size of your diaper cake is completely on you, you can do a single layer, or three layer, whatever your heart desires.

Top Tips for Making a Diaper Cake

Top Tips for Making a Diaper Cake

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Make sure that you are filling your diaper cake with items the mother will actually use. The last thing you want is for your gift to collect dust in baby’s closet because mom simply couldn’t use the items gifted.

I think hand sanitizer, baby lotions, and receiving blankets are items that you can’t avoid not using.

Quality Over Quantity

I’m not saying have a $200 diaper cake, I’m just saying when it comes to babies, quality actually does matter. Certain diapers are more prone to diaper rashes, certain lotions holds more moisture, the material blankets are made of can be irritating for new skin, and the list goes on.

Wrap your Cake Well

How you wrap your diaper cake is so important. It can make the difference between an amazing diaper cake, and your diaper cake falling apart on the way over. Tulle and cellophane wrap are great materials for cake wrapping.

Use a Theme

Have fun, and find a theme that fits your new mom to be and her baby. Disney is a popular option, you can even create your own diaper cake style.

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