Boy/Girl Twin Nursery Ideas

Boy and girl twin nursery ideas
Boy/girl nursery ideas.

It’s almost time for your little ones to make an appearance! You just found out the genders and while you can think of a million nursery ideas for same sex twins, opposites are a little harder.

Leaving your nursery plain would be boring (not knocking those who do).

I searched and searched and searched for some great nursery ideas for boy/girl twins. I went with grey chevron and wood.

Don’t worry I will definitely show links of all of the ideas I mention.

I definitely think even with a theme my nursery is still very bland. I’ve had to remove so many things that my wondering duo would get into the more they started moving.

Boy/girl twin nursery ideas

Boy and girl twin nursery ideas.

Twin nursery ideas

#1. Elephants

You can’t go wrong with these adorable little animals. You can use all grey, pink and blue, or all grey with a splash of pink and blue.


You could go with all grey bedding like
above, and add pink and blue accents.

Or with pink and blue bedding for each linked below.

#2. Woodland

Feathers, arrows, and more. Take your littles into the forest with cute animal decorations, you can get really creative with this theme.

An owl nightlight, animal and feather decals on the walls, an elephant trash can, and some stuffed giraffes could be the final touches to close in on this theme.

Twin nursery ideas

#3. Chevron

My personal favorite. I personally went with grey and white. You have so many options as long as you stick with your color theme.

Twin nursery ideas

#4. Jungle

Who doesn’t love a safari? A jungle theme can bring your nursery to life and is a non gender theme!

Twin nursery ideas

#5. Characters

Well, you won’t be able to use their favorite characters since they’re too young. But there are plenty of characters that are perfect for a nursery. For example, Rugrats, Winnie the pooh, paw patrol, and octonauts. My babies currently love Harry the bunny from babyfirst.

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It’s your turn mama’s,

How did you, or how do you plan on decorating your twins nursery?

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1 thought on “Boy/Girl Twin Nursery Ideas

  1. I love the chevron idea! Grey and yellow is a good colour combination for boy/girl twins! Lovely ideas!

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