Can twins share a crib or bassinet

Can twins share a crib or bassinet

Babies are expensive. Twins, my darlings, are VERY expensive. No one wants to have to spend more than they have to when you,ve already got a big list. So you question, can twins share a crib or bassinet?

The first thing you think about when you find out you’re having twins is that you need two of everything.

I have a post, must haves for newborn twins that covers what you need two of snd what you don’t need two of.

If I were you, even if you only use one, I would still get two cribs, because your twins can only share a crib for so long.

This is going to be a short post, straight to the point.

Let’s get started!

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Can twins share a crib or bassinet

Size matters

When thinking about if your twins can share a crib or bassinet you have to take an account their size.

Twin pregnancies often experience preterm labor, it is not uncommon for twins to be born between 32-37 weeks of pregnancy.

Most twins are small in size compared to singleton babies and a set of twins can take up the space of one singleton baby.

If your twins are closer to the average singleton newborn size fitting them in a space that’s met for one can become not so comfy.

Types of twins

You have to also keep in mind the kind of twins you have:

  1. Dizygotic Twins
  2. Monozygotic Twins (dichorionic or monochorionic)

Dizygotic twins are fraternal twins. Fraternal twins are in seperate placentas. Twins in seperate placentas are less likely to feel any seperation anxiety from being in seperate sleeping areas.

Monozygotic twins are identical twins. You can have mon/di twins which are identical twins in seperate sacs. Or mono/mono twins which are identical twins that shares the same sac.

Mono/di twins are also likely to feel a disconnection from sleeping in separate sleeping areas.

Mono/mono twins have been in constant skin to skin contact with their twins in the womb and will find their twin comforting.

Mono/mono twins have the smallest birthweight and height of all twins from having the smallest amount of growing room.

Before giving you my answer, I have to remind you that AAP says that every infant should sleep in seperate beds.

My Answer

It’s ok for twins to share a crib or bassinet if they are smaller and can fit comfortably.

This could however turn into a problem further down the road when sleep training them to sleep in seperate beds.

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