Christmas Guide for Twins

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Christmas is around the corner and you’re probably wondering what is the best gift for twins? Or do you buy twins the same gift? As a twin mom, I’ve had phone calls about how I want people to go about buying gifts for my twins so I decided to create a Christmas Guide for twins.

If you have same sex twins, or you’re buying for same sex twins, things are a bit easier. Things get complicated when you have one of each, and when you have other children as well. Not to mention, you have to factor in age.

The goal is to not have someone thinking that’s unfair, I didn’t get one.

Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry I’ll make it straight to the point. Feel free to skip around to find the best way to buy gifts for twins. Let’s get to it.

What to buy twins for Christmas

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Buying Gifts for Same Sex Twins

What is the best gift for twins

You want same sex twins to still be able to hold their own identity, especially id they are identical. Some twins can’t stand never getting anything unique and having the exact same thing the other has.

But there’s also a chance that it could be looked at as unfair to get them different gifts.

I recommend buying one gift that’s the same for same sex twins, something that sparks both of their interest that they both will enjoy so that they aren’t thinking you have the same toy or gadget as me, but thinking of how much they love it instead and that he/she won’t have to share.

Then, gift each twin a personal gift that’s different from their twin. Something that really speaks about their individual interests, or something they’ve been asking for if they are older.

By getting a gift that’s the same, and gifts that are different you keep their individuality in tack, and save the it’s not fair game from starting.

If you plan on buying a ton of gifts for your little ones, as long as one gift is the same for both, you’re in for the win.

Buying Gifts for Boy/Girl Twins

Do you buy twins the same gift

Here’s the most popular twin gift problem. What do you buy boy/girl twins? If you’re giving Jane a doll you don’t want to give Jack one too.

Let me go on to say that if you choose to go that route that’s completely up to you. 2019 has been a big year for non-gender and I don’t want to offend anyone, I’m not saying that Jack can’t have a doll, just that in some households, we don’t want to give Jack a doll if Jack has no interest in dolls.

Buying gifts for boy/girl twins is just about the same as buying same sex toys except you want to keep what you buy for both twins gender neutral. Such as tablets, which is what I’m getting my twins this year. They will be 2 in January and has expressed a desire for technology and learning and I want to explore what that can turn into.

There’s plenty of apps like Dave and Ava that’s specifically geared towards toddlers and there are parental guide apps as well as tablets designed specifically for kids.

Their tablets will have different color covers to differentiate the two. If you want to steal my gift idea you can below.

You also want to get boy/girl twins a gift that’s personal for them, something that peaks their interest that’s just for them. Defining individuality in boy/girl twins is not as important as with same sex twins, boy/girl twins will always be different in some small way because they typically don’t look exactly alike (boy/girl twins can not be monozygotic).

However, you still want to establish a personal sense of identity, separation can be a huge issue. You want to counter that by creating separate interests.

Getting your twins an individual gift that couldn’t be alike in any fashion can help foster that self-identity that we want to keep healthy.

This is where boy/girl twins differ from same sex twins. A shared gift can provide a way for your twins to bond. Yes, you want to establish self-identity but you also don’t want to create a rift in their relationship.

Your twins will already be more than likely to be separated in school, sports teams, and have different friend circles. So I think it’s wonderful to show that you encourage their differences, but also want them to come together.

For older twins this could be a shared video game system, for smaller kids it could be a kitchen set.

Buying Gifts for Twins with Siblings

This isn’t widely talked about but twins are of course looked upon as rare you could say, so they often receive the brunt of attention from strangers and schoolmates.

Singleton siblings notice, so it’s important to make sure they don’t feel left out.

This is where I recommend giving every child the same gift that’s in that age limit. This eliminates the thought of why do the twins get to have ABC and I don’t get one?

For instance, my 8th month old tries his hardest to keep us with his twin sister and brother and loves to try to do the things they do. Although he is too young for a functional tablet, leapfrog has great ones for babies with colorful pictures and sounds.

Now he can feel like he can play when brother and sister play too. This is also a win for mom because the twins won’t cry when he try to take theirs and he won’t cry because he can’t have it. Go mom!

If you found this guide helpful, share it with other twin mom’s or relatives wondering what to get for your twins.

What to buy twins for Christmas

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