Easy Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

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So you set up your blog, but now you’re wondering how do I monetize it and are there affiliate Programs for new bloggers?

You of course heard of Ads, but you are also told that until you get 25,000 page views, you won’t make anything.

Which I totally disagree with, when I was averaging 4k views a month I could make a cool $30. No it’s not a paycheck, but for a beginner blog and being told you won’t profit the first year, I think it’s amazing.

Some bloggers give you the impression that you must have a ton of blog posts and visitors before you can start making money from your blog. Wrong!

There is a little thing called affiliate marketing, that enables bloggers to monetize their blogs from day 1. Combined with GoogleAds, you are ready for profit!

So let’s start by learning what exactly are Affiliates and what is an affiliate program for my newest bloggers.

Affiliate programs for new bloggers

*Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission when you visit my links with no additional cost to you.

What are Affiliates and Affiliate Programs?

So what is an affiliate?

  • An affiliate is an influencer who reccomends products that they find beneficial and of good quality and receives a comission whenever someone uses an influencers special link and makes a purchase.
  • An affiliate program is the platform used to access a company, or multiple companies, and receive links or HTML codes that you can use to connect others with their products and receive your commission.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

There are several benefits to using affiliate marketing, and one of those biggest ways is it can allow bloggers to better help and serve their readers. That is our main goal, to provide valuable and useful content to our readers.

You have the opportunity to connect people with the tools/products that they need and is beneficial to their situation.

It’s important to only reccomend products that you have used and can really stand by. Your reputation is on the line, and if you become known for reccomending crappy products you can say goodbye to affiliate marketing.

Another great benefit of affiliate marketing is that you have the potential to make really good money. Have you ever read the blog makingcents? She (Michelle)  makes major money from affiliate marketing alone.

I suggest you get Michelle’s book, no I’m not an affiliate of hers, and I haven’t read the book (total contradiction right?). However, I’ve heard a lot of bloggers swear by her book, that it really is worth it and they did see an increase in profit.

My focus is more on digital products right now, which is why I haven’t purchased her book. But as soon as I’m ready for it I definitely will give it a read.

If affiliate marketing is what you plan on being your main source of blogging income, then that’s where you want to start, when you purchase the book you also get an affiliate link. Boom! New affiliate program for a new blogger without having to sign up.

That was a great pitch, maybe I really should become an affiliate for her book, haha!

By implementing the right strategies, you can make a large profit, and with a small following. No gazillion followers needed mamas.

As stated at the beginning you can start affiliate marketing as soon as you launch your blog, I’m going to go over below the basics that are needed to be accepted into affiliate programs for new bloggers.

How to Get Accepted into Affiliate Programs

First you want to make sure you have the pages affiliates are looking for.

  • About Me Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Contact me Page

Affiliate programs are also looking for a physical address, spelling errors, and that your niche matches the affiliate program you are applying for.

Programs That Take New Bloggers


Shareasale is an affiliate program that is very easy to get into. Once you sign up, you automatically have access to affiliate links for shareasale.

However, to get affiliate links for other companies in Shareasale you have to apply and be accepted by them individually.

Shareasale pays out monthly and the comission rate varies by company.


Amazon is also easy to sign up for and usually approves you pretty quickly. Amazon is pretty easy to make affiliate sales for considering you can find a link for just about any product you can think of.

Amazon usually approves just about anybody as long as you’ve done everything described above. The catch is that you have to make a sale within 60 days to keep your affiliate account or you will be rejected from the program.

Amazon rates are pretty low and it takes 60 days before you receive your payout. However, if you make a profit every month after 60 days you will see an income every month as long as you continue to make a profit.

Although comission is on the low end, Amazon has so many programs and products that it’s actually easy to rack up on those sales.

For a beginner and to pad your overall blogging income Amazon is a good place to start.

Your Blog Host

One of the easiest and your first affiliate program is your blog host. Every blog host has an affiliate program and you automatically receive a link when you pay for your hosting.

New bloggers are always eager for new information and to know more about different hosting providers, a very useful blog post on how to start one can help you market and profit from this affiliate program.


Tailwind is actually one of my favorite affiliate programs. Like your blog post, using Tailwind services gives you instant access to their affiliate program. Because it’s such an amazing program it’s very easy to make affiliate sales, Tailwind practically speaks for itself.

Tailwind offers you a $15 credit for every person that joins and also offers affiliate links for their Tribes with the same offer.

You can also apply for a Tailwind link through shareasale. Shareasale offers you a comission rate instead of store credit. By using both links you can have Tailwind for free and an actual income from it. Pretty cool, right?

You can use my link to try a month of tailwind free and gain access to an affiliate link that you can use even during your free trial to make Tailwind comissions.


Sendowl is an amazing service for selling your own digital products. When you sign up for the service, you have to request a link for their affiliate program.

Because Sendowl is widely used, and easy to get a link for, it’s perfect for new bloggers.

You can even use Sendowl to create your own affiliate program for your digital products to increase your profits.

If you found this post useful share, share, share and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Affiliate programs for new bloggers


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    Very useful information on affiliate links. Thank you!

  4. Amazon consistently makes me money each month and I love it!

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    I am pretty new so this is really helpful! I have found it really hard to break into affiliate networking

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