Halloween Costume Ideas you Can Make Yourself

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Looking for a way to save money this Halloween? Make your own Halloween costumes with part 3 of my Halloween Costumes with homemade costumes ideas.

You can find a large selection of Halloween costumes available now at many stores in your area. Right about now advertisements, sales, you name it is trying to lure you in to spend the big bucks on your kids costumes.

However, when you consider the price (especially if you have multiple kids) and how typical standard costumes are, homemade costumes can be a more fun and often more budget friendly option for costumes.

Plus, involving your kids in creating their Halloween costumes, the results will be worth more than any costume in any store.

Here are some low cost, homemade Halloween costume ideas that are budget friendly and show lots of creativity.

Homemade halloween costume ideas

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Homemade halloween costume ideas

You can make a great scarecrow with an over-sized flannel shirt, some straw, and faded jeans with patches. Stuff the jeans and shirt with plastic grocery bags and leave a little straw hanging out of the shirt and jeans. Finish your scarecrow look with a touch of make-up or face paint.


Homemade halloween costume ideas

Ghosts are vintage costumes that never gets old. Use an old white sheet with holes cut for the eyes and sew a simple treat bag out of a scrap of material or a worn out pillow case. Dress your ghost up a by making lips out of red lipstick and adding few false eyelashes. Or you could color a beard and moustache with markers or paint. You could create a colorful ghost by using a sheet covered with polka dots or brightly colored.


Homemade halloween costume ideas

Create an amazing clown with sweat suits that are a bit to large decorated with fabric paint, glitter, or markers. Sew on some pom poms, use a cheap red, curly wig with a large andcolorful hat, you could even stuff the clothing with tissue (although the tissue will be a problem if the need for a restroom break arises).


Homemade halloween costume ideas

Become a hippy from the 1960s with tie-dye shirts and faded jeans with holes in the knees. Add a headband, a ponytail wig, and a jacket/vest covered in fringe and you will have an authentic looking hippy costume.


Homemade halloween costume ideas

Halloween is the time to be anyone that you want to be. Dress your kid as an average nerd, with white shirt, pocket protectors, pants that are too short, horn-rimmed glasses, while socks and black dress shoes. Tape one corner of the glasses for an authentic nerd appearance. Use a lot of hair gel to slick back your kids hair and a few overly large fake teeth.

Soda Can

Homemade halloween costume ideas

Find a cheap plastic barrel and cut a hole in the bottom. Then paint the entire barrel the colors and design of your favorite brand of soda in a can. This is the moment where you can really let your kids creativity run wild, they can invent their own soda if they like. With holes for arms and your head, a simple barrel can transform into a soda can.


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Your child can have one of the best costumes on your block or Halloween party if you use a little creativity and create special homemade costumes out of budget friendly, household items.

Have you made your own costumes before? I would love to see pictures and hear your ideas in the comments below. Enjoyed this post? Share it with your family and friends!

“The memory of your child in a costume you made together”… priceless.

Homemade halloween costume ideas

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