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Before you understand why I became a twin mom blogger, you have to know a few things about me. I am a 22 year old twin mother who quit her job as a waitress at waffle house in the South.

If you have ever been a server, you know that tips are not exactly dependable. I also worked the night shift.

There are many reasons why I took the plunge, but I decided to narrow it down to a few.

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#1. Exhaustion

If you have twins yourself, then I feel that one word alone say it all mama’s. Balancing infant twins, housework, and work was wearing me thin.

My babies were sleeping through the night, which means they were up most of the day. Working overnight meant no sleep for mama.

I was trying so hard to put 100% into all 3 that eventually I was overburdened and my housework began to crumble.

Blogging has allowed me to get more rest and balance all 3 just a little bit better. The freedom to work when I want has made my life tremendously better.

#2. Babysitters are expensive

I believe the lowest fee I found for a babysitter is $15/hr. For my 10 hour shifts I was paying the same amount I would for 1 twin to go to daycare for a week in 1 night.

daycare open at night just didn’t seem like a good idea to me at the time, I feared it would throw them off schedule.

Since my new career is home based, I am able to tend to my own babies 24/7 and can be assured they are getting the care I want them to receive.

#3. Financial Freedom

At my previous job, I depended on a schedule from my boss. I could only work as many hours as my boss would give me and certain shifts are better than others throughout the week.

Trying to ensure I have weekend shifts on my schedule and enough hours was a pain. If I had an extra expense I had to pray that everything lines up well

However, now I have the ability to make as much money as I want. The harder I work, the more effort and research I put into my blog, the more that rolls in.

#4. Family time

Now that I’m not completely sleep deprived, I have more time and energy to give to my little ones. Playing with them no longer feels like a chore.

If I want to take a day just for my family on my boyfriend’s off day, we can do that.

#5. New twins are hard

I mean really hard. If you already had children before your twins You are seriously one tough mama!

I want to say I cried for the first 2 weeks, maybe 3. They were a lot different than I expected, they were not on the same schedule, and woke every 2 hours during the night.

I am 22 and my twins are my first. I was used to being on my own time and doing what I want to when I want, and sleeping as much as I want. That reality was replaced with two beautiful children that needs my care 24/7. Yes, I am completely ok with that, but it definitely was a cultural shock.

What I mean to say is…

I read so much while pregnant with baby girl and baby boy. To be honest, I felt like none of it really prepared me for what was ahead of me. Most of it was generic and not raw. The emotional aspect to it, all of the changes, and not just knowing what to do but how to do it was not there. That’s why Twinning Truthfully was born, so I can put the information out there that all new and expecting twin mom’s need to hear especially first time mom’s.

It’s your turn mama’s,

Are you a twin mom blogger as well? Or just a mom blogger? Why did you start your blog?

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