How I make money blogging

Make money blogging in 2019

Blogging isn’t easy. After my twins were born I had the idea that I would blog and not return to work. I couldn’t imagine leaving my twins side.

I did a lot of reading on Pinterest and decided this was how I would do it. I did a lot of planning, but without any action. I was om a tight budget and wanted to start my blog for FREE.

Needless to say, I was having a hard time accomplishing that. It’s hard to attract visitors to a site that has the word wordpress in front of it.

I went back to work, I needed money and blogging wasn’t going to work for me. I worked for about 3 months, overnight, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I would work all night, my babies weren’t in sync so there wasn’t any time for sleep, and their dad worked during the day so it was just me. Eventually I broke down from exhaustion and I quit.

Blogging came back to mind, this time I invested. You see, blogging is a business. If you want to see something in return, you have to put something in.

Including the work, which is why I ended up going back to work a second time. I didn’t research well, I felt like I already did and I knew everything. I also wasn’t consistent. So my blog wasn’t making any money!

This time around I’ve done things the right way. I had to discipline myself. Even though I’m my own boss, I have to make sure I “clock in”, I have to be patient because it doesn’t happen over night, and I have to be dedicated and consistent.

I noticed a huge difference. Now I make money from home, while spending time with my family, and I’m so happy I made the decision.

Want to make money from your blog? Want to know how I did it? Keep reading.

How to make money from your blog.

*This post may contain affiliate links. Which means at no cost to you, I will receive a small commission any link you use through me.

Where I Make Money

If I learned anything, it’s to not put all of your eggs in one basket. You can’t expect to make hundreds just from ads, digital products, or affiliate marketing. You have to use them together.


Shareasale is an affiliate program I use to generate income from ads and affiliate links.

There are so many different companies to choose from it’s impossible to not find any in your niche and it’s easy to join.


I use Amazon exactly the same way I use shareasale. However, I mostly use Amazon for reviews instead of for ads.

Unlike shareasale, that also uses EPC (pay per hundred clicks), Amazon holds cookies and within 90 days if someone buys from Amazon after using your link, even if they don’t buy the product that was from your link you still make a percentage from that sale.

Pretty cool right?

Amazon now have performance ads. By adding their code to your posts you allow them to show products they consider relevant to the viewer.

You are paid for every 16,000 impressions. It might sound like a lot of views, but through out the month they add up!


I use tailwind in two ways. Tailwind has a referral link on your dashboard that you can use to gift others a FREE month, which also gives you a free month.

Pretty great to have tailwind basically pay for itself.

However, if you want that money in your pocket, I also use the affiliate link which is found on shareasale.

By using both links I can use tailwind for free, provide tailwind to others for free, and also make an income from it. Because why not? Tailwind is KING!

My own products

I’ve learned that the best income comes from you! I launched a mini-course for time management.

It’s hard to balance housework, children, working from home, and me time. I found something people can use and I went for it.

How I make my money

Now that I have the resources to make an income, I have to put them to use. With certain strategies, I’m able to combine them most of the time into one post.

Affiliate links

I use relatable affiliate links in all of my posts. My main goal is to help and provide advice for others. However, if there is a certain product or service that I use that I know will benefit my viewers, I use it.

Links are subtle ways of offering them without images, they easily fit into whatever you are writing.

One way I’m making money from my blog is by finding a useful product or service and centering my posts around it. Why?

Otherwise they’re just thrown in there and you can miss the opportunity to really connect your viewers with what your offering in your link.


As mentioned before, I use ads to generate an income. I place relatable ads in between headings through out my posts.

If I am writing a post on blogging, like now, I include ads that are related to blogging.

Also, keeping in mind that my blog is a business and I use other ads, why can’t I create my own image ads to use on my website?

I call this self-promoting. Not only do I use ads for my digital products, I also use them for my forums, and facebook group. My numbers instantly jumped.


A lot of bloggers skip this, but I’ve found it to be a perfect way to boost my views and make more money.

I use forums such as quora, and mom related forums such as what to expect to answer questions others are seeking an answer to and connect them to a related post.

If it’s related to a specific product I connect the readers with a hyperlink to that specific product.

I mostly use Amazon when I do because most readers are going to click the link. Even if they don’t buy it if they use Amazon within 90 days, I get paid for it.


You all know pinterest is the #1 source to draw traffic to your blogs, I’ve also recently discovered using links as stand alone pins.

By pinning products and services related to my boards, there’s a chance of someone checking them out without a post being attached to the product.

Since shareasale uses EPC along with sales, every click on those products is earnings for me.

Speaking of Pinterest, Pinterest knowledge is key! Since Pinterest is responsible for over 90% of bloggers traffic and you can’t make money without traffic, you have to understand Pinterest.

That’s why I created this E-book. I have gone through all the pricey Pinterest courses and books. I have learned through trial and error and I have put in the work so that I can help others find the right path to a successful blogging career.

My E-book breaks Pinterest into parts and go into detail on the different aspects of Pinterest. My methods have proven to help other bloggers more than double their blog traffic. Even if you don’t read my book, study Pinterest, it’s worth it.

How you can start making money

First thing you’ll need is a blog, if you don’t have one, I have a post here on starting your own blog. I also have a post on how to manage your blog.

Once you have a blog, you want to sign up to affiliate programs and products that have referral programs.

Below is a list that easily accepts new bloggers. Make sure to have a privacy page before signing up for them.

Affiliate programs that takes new bloggers:


As mentioned before, the hardest part of making money for me was staying consistent and having the time to blog.

If you need help staying on task or finding the timing to blog, you can check out my course.

It’s your turn mama’s

Do you have a blog or side hustle? How do you make your money?

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