How I manage to blog with twins

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Your reading through all these blog posts by twin mom’s and your interested. You want to make money so that you can stay at home with your twins and want to share your story.

But how do you have time to do that with two babies???!!

What works for me might not work for you, but here is how I manage to blog while caring for my twins.

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How I manage to blog with twins


Before you can find time for anything else, you need your twins on a reliable schedule. You can check out how I got my twins on the same schedule here.I alternate between house work one nap and work the other. Since my twins go to bed for the night at 7pm and sleep most of the night, I have a lot of time to work on my blog while they are sleep as well.If my twins were not sleeping and waking at the same time or didn’t have a reliable bed time, the time I have to blog would suffer.I also used The Ultimate Time Management Mini-course. This course organized my twins schedule, my time for housework, my time for blogging, and of course, me time. I don’t think I could have survived this first year without it.

How I manage to blog with twins

How I manage to blog with twins

I use my phone

Yep! I blog from my phone 90% of the time. I can create pin images, create posts, add in affiliate links, customize my website, create printables, and manage my email lists. It may be a bit tedious for some tasks, but doing it this way means I can work while tending to my littles. Sometimes I’m feeding a baby with a head in my elbow, a phone in one hand, and a bottle in the other.

Being completely honest, I believe if I didn’t blog from my phone, my blog would not exist. Just at this moment I am creating this post from my phone while playing with my babies.

If you are interested in learning how to blog from your phone, I have a free email course right here that will teach any android user exactly how to do it and what tools you need to blog successfully from your mobile.

IPhone and Windows users are welcome to sign up for the course and find the compatible app version for your device.

How I manage to blog with twins

Blog From Your Phone E-course

* indicates required

How I manage to blog with twins


Tailwind is an absolute life saver, I can take out 30 minutes or Less for the day and have all of my pins scheduled for an entire week or more. I can also have all of my Instagram posts scheduled as well.With the smart scheduling tailwind offers, I can see the times it’s best to post and even customize it to send a few more times a day. I can create a list of all of my boards and have my pins sent to each one with one click.On those days the twins are fussy or I’m simply too busy, marketing is something I don’t have to worry about. Not to mention you get a month free when you use my link and keep it free. You read right, every person that you get to try Tailwind adds a free month of Tailwind plus to your account which isn’t hard to do at all, who doesn’t want one of the world’s best marketing tools for free??Tailwind is a wonderful tool but I also had to pair it with understanding Pinterest. I have a free email course that teaches you how to gain massive Pinterest views.

Know Pinterest

You can pin 200 times per day, but if you don’t understand how Pinterest works then you won’t see the massive traffic bloggers brag on Pinterest over.I strongly reccomend every blogger have this guide. Pinterest Figured Out is an ebook that goes into depth on every aspect of Pinterest and how to take advantage of them.It has great examples and a lot of detail. Pinterest secrets are given away for only 20 bucks and everyone that has purchased it talks about the boost of traffic they received after reading it.

Stay dedicated

I wasn’t getting any page views the first few days.”

I was stumped. Pinterest is supposed to be this holy grail for effortless blogging views.

” I wasn’t making any affiliate sales.”

I didn’t understand why nothing was working.I was ready to give up.

“This is taking too much time for the amount of change I make. I should just apply for a real job.

I was ready to give up.These are not the only thoughts most new bloggers go through. It isn’t talked about much but blogging can be discouraging, and can make you feel like you’re not good enough if you can’t succeed at it too, that it’s not worth it, and that you want to give up. Stay dedicated. 9 times out of 10 if you’re not seeing results, you just need to run on a different trail.Blogging is a learning experience, and if you give up you will never know what your full potential as a blogger is. Be honest with yourself when you start to feel doubts, then create a solution, turn it into a lesson, Twinning Truthfully is the first step to building your empire!

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How i manage to blog with twins

It’s your turn mama’s,

How do you manage to blog with your twins? What tools do you use to survive? What are doubts you had when you began blogging?

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