How to be a More Productive Stay-at-Home-Mom

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I wish being a SAHM was as easy as others think it was! Until then, we are all always searching for ways to be a more productive Stay-at-home mom.

When I first found out I was pregnant, staying home literally never crossed my mind. I was going to work to provide my little girl (that’s what I thought I was having) with everything in the world and then some.

When I found out I was having twins, my need to for financial abundance was intensified. The expenses just doubled.

It wasn’t until a week after they were born that I felt anxiety about leaving them. No one knows them like I do, how do I know they will be treated the way I treat them? I was already missing them.

But once I got back to work it was a breath of fresh air. I was having adult interactions, I was leaving the house, I had a reason to look good during the week, I loved having my own money, and it gave me a much needed break from my babies. I found it made me a better mom, I appreciated them and our time together more. ❤

But then hell broke loose. I wasn’t getting any sleep, my house was a disaster, keeping a reliable sitter was hard and even harder on my pockets. Daycare was out of the question. $200-$250 a week? That’s almost a grand a month, more than my rent. No thank you.

So here I am, back at home. And what I found out was that;

This is the hardest job I’ve EVER had to do.

There is so much to do, and always seem like there is not enough time. Things were still falling apart, and it was starting to become an issue in my relationship and myself.

I always thought if I was a stay at home mom I would be like Lucy and it would be easy.

But trying to get things done, while also taking care of littles who are 100% dependent on you and that can be unpredictable was a ssstttrrrruuuuggggllleee. I hope I emphasized that word enough because mama, the struggle was very real. 🤦

But then I found my footing and I’m still not perfect but my days go a lot easier. It took a lot of work and lifestyle changes but it happened.

Not all of us can be Elna Cain (a very successful twin mom blogger that runs multiple blogs who seriously has her shit together and who I want to be when I grow up).

Not all of us can be Elna Cain, unless we STRIVE TO BE.

Being a successful stay at home mom requires dedication and great time management skills.

I’m going to give you my secrets to getting everything on my to do list done, and even having me time. 💅

How to be a more productive SAHM

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Planning and preparing

There is absolutely no way around it. If you want to be great at being a stay-at-home mom and more productive, you have to plan, then plan again, prepare, and have a back up plan for your plan.

Not everyone is type A. Take me for example, I love scheduling, making lists and planning, but my weakness is actually following through.

To be great at this you have to be type A, even if you never been in your life. Your household IS your workplace. You have to run it like a job! Which is the difficult part because there’s no one to tell you what to do and how to do it.

So you have to be your own boss. You have to establish systems to make your workplace run effeciently. Think about all the scheduling, guidelines, procedures, and rules that are at workplaces.

When they aren’t followed everything goes down hill right? Or worst, you could get fired. Great thing about being a mom is you can’t get fired.

But you can mentally fire yourself. By planting self doubt, feeling like you’re a bad SAHM, questioning if it’s the right decision and even questioning your self worth. 🙋

So mama’s we are going to avoid or climb out of that pit of dispair by planning meals, outings, going to the grocery store, and when we will do what chore.

By creating a meal plan you can save on your grocery list, prep food ahead of time, and don’t have to worry about what to cook last minute because it’s written down.

Some meals, and my favorite to cook, is foods you can prep and seal in one Ziploc bag and dump into your slowcooker in the morning for an easy delicious meal cooked by dinner time without you having to do anything.

There are also pan dishes you can premake and freeze and pop in the oven when you want it.

Being able to prep an entire week or two of dinner in one night after the kiddies is what I call #goals.

There are also meals you can prep and freeze for our babies and toddlers eating solids. Using a meal planner for our mini’s can also save time. You can pre cut finger foods, batch make some to freeze, and premake foods in bento style lunch containers. If you don’t already have one, you can get a free meal planner right here. 👇

If you know you want to get your little one out to the park one day this week pick a day, pick a park, pick a time. Create a plan for it to actually set it in motion.

Always keep your diaper bag loaded so that it’s always ready to go. I don’t even have to explain how that’s a time saver and useful.

Create a list of all the chores that needs to be done around your home and how often they need to be done so that you can when you can complete each chore.


Routines can make or break your day. Think about your goals for each morning and evening to start. What is something that you feel is an absolute must to get done? Pick 5.

Keep your routines simple and short so that they are easier to remember, it only takes 21 days to create a habit.

By putting those things in your routines, they will be done everyday.

My morning:

My children wake at 7, so I give myself an hour alone before they do and it completely changes my day. I wake at 6 and start making coffee. While my coffee is brewing I go ahead and clean my face and take care of hygeine (self care). Then I’ll start a load of laundry, tidy the house, and start on breakfast.

I know I want to drink my coffee hot and I’m able to, I guaranteed a load of laundry will be done for the day, and breakfast will be ready when they awake, plus I gave me some self love which would otherwise be very hard to accomplish.


Also pick 5 for your evening. What do you need to have done before you go to bed, before you start your next day?

Mine is a little different because it starts at 4:30 where some people evening routine starts after the babies are sleep. My weak point was getting dinner ready, the children fed, bathed, and ready for bed and my house clean without driving myself crazy. So that’s what I needed for my routine.

Comment below this post if you’d like to see a post on morning and evening routines soon.


All that planning you’re doing? Write it down! Having a schedule has changed my life. 👇👇👇

I have an amazing time-management course, which I might just offer for free. Follow my Facebook page so that you can get your free course when I relaunch it.

I schedule EVERYTHING.

  • My meals
  • My cleaning time
  • Activities for the kids
  • Which load I’m washing for the day
  • Bath times
  • Nap times
  • Feeding times
  • My work from home projects
  • Me time

Your planner is your bestfriend. If you don’t have one I absolutely love Momagenda planners because they’re specifically for mommy.

At the beginning I found it hard to remember to open my planner. If you have to, put a sticky note somewhere you will definitely look first thing in the morning. Or even a daily reminder on your phone could work.

Keep your scheduling consistent. If you schedule laundry into your morning routine Monday, don’t schedule laundry for nap time on Tuesday. By staying consistent you’ll start to feel a flow, a rhythm and it only takes 21 days to develop a habit.

Want to see my daily schedule? Let me know in a comment below.


It’s easier to be more productive when your organized. I don’t know what it is about it, but having my shit together makes me want to keep it together and with an organized home it’s very easy to do so.

There isn’t frustration with doing small tasks and it leaves me with a feeling of peace.

You can find some more on organization here.

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  • Give your baby/toddler an activity they can do to keep them busy while you finish a task.
  • Break your to do’s for the day into smaller tasks.
  • Save things you can’t do while your children is awake for nap time, after bed time or before they awake.
  • Try using a dry erase board weekly calander to keep your calander in your sight.

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