How to get more pinterest traffic

What you need to know about Pinterest if you want to sew results

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re like the beginner blogger me. You are constantly pinning, yet you are seeing little to no results.

All the blog posts you see says Pinterest is the holy grail of blogging traffic, so why is your blog not seeing any traffic?

Well, you not only have to pin, but you have to pin the right way and I’ll show you how.

Grab your popcorn, I’m not leaving out any details, this could take a minute.

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First, you have to make sure that you have relevant content that readers actually want to read. When I say relevant, I don’t mean just relevant to your niche. I mean content that viewers are hungry for.

For example, my very first blog post was about why I became a blogger. That post was important to me, But no one is typing reasons I became a blogger in their search bar.

Versus What I wish I packed in my hospital bag, something I myself searched for while pregnant.

You want to post content that answers questions that readers are constantly looking for when your blog is your business.

Take a look at your topic, is this topic something that readers are interested in learning about, something that readers in your niche really need the answer to.

I’m not saying relevant content will make your views skyrocket, your title has to match. For example, I have two posts, 5 tips for new twin mom’s, and surviving the first 6 weeks with twins.

The second post did way better than the first because my title was more specific. Readers don’t want just tips for new mom’s, they want to know how to survive the transition to motherhood, and they want to know how to survive for the first 6 weeks more specifically.

New mom could span the entire first year. Your title needs to basically pose as the question that needs to be answered.

Someone may search how to survive the first 6 weeks with twins, or What to pack in my hospital bag. Do You see how many words to those questions are included in my titles?

Readers are also interested in titles that grab attention, using words like secrets, must have, you need, perfect, important, etc. I’m sure The secret to mixing the perfect paint would receive more viewers than How to mix paint would.

myAgenda at Now!


I personally use 3 images for every post. Two pinnable images, and one image that I use for my featured image and for other social media platforms.

However, I create about 10 pinnable images per post. I use different titles that all have the same meaning. This keeps me from becoming spammy on boards. Every now and then I switch my images.While reading different posts, I had no idea what sizes are normally used.

Here is a guide that helped me:

Normal: 600×900

Long: 600×1260

Featured: 600×335

You want those images to be clear, use bright colors, and different fonts. By putting certain words in different fonts and colors, you are highlighting keywords that you want to stand out to potential viewers.

You don’t want to constantly pin the same image over and over again. By using two, you can pin the same post more than once, doubling the impressions you will receive from your post.

Once you start switching them out all of those different pins brings you traffic to the same post.

If your new to Pinterest and unsure what impressions are I’ll cover that later in the post.

Let’s say your a new blogger and you have 5 blog posts and 3 boards. Instead of posting your post once to every board and having 15 pins out there and 1 pin for each board, you can post 10 pins per board and have 30 pins out there. You include your 10 images per post you’ll have 150 different pins from only 5 posts!

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To understand how to work your Pinterest profile to your best advantage you have to research, this is where Pinterest analytics comes in to play.Which has been an amazing tool for growing my blog? Pinterest analytics shows you exactly where your traffic is coming from, from which target group, which posts are receiving the most impressions and interactions, along with which boards are giving them to you.

Impressions are how many times your post has been seen by others on Pinterest. Impressions are really important because without them, your pinning away without anyone catching a glimpse of them.

The best way to improve your impressions is by viewing which boards and pins have the most interactions.

For example, I was pinning to several group boards that weren’t my boards because I thought that was the best chance of being seen.

After viewing analytics I was able to see that only one of those boards were bringing in a mass amount of impressions and that my second highest impression count came from my own board.

I also saw which posts were receiving the most attention. I was able to use this information to start pinning more to the boards that were receiving the most impressions and by pinning the pins that received the most attention to them to those boards.

Below are images from when I first started using this tool with the information I needed to change directions in my pinning.

How to get more pinterest traffic

Auto Pinning

Auto pinning is one of the best ways to market your blog. What I should say is Tailwind is one of the best ways to market your blog.

I’m going to include below the impact that Tailwind had on my blog. At first, I used this tool just for auto pinning, because Tailwind also includes smart scheduling and shows all of the perfect times to pin to reach your audience.

Once I started auto pinning with the times from the smart scheduler, I found a drastic increase in my views, literally.

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Tailwind also connects to Instagram, and you connect it to share those images with Twitter as well.

Basically, I can actively post to all of my social media platforms at the right time, without actually having to do it myself which leaves more time for developing content.

After just one week of using Tailwind I increased my daily impressions by 29, 388%, monthly viewers by 119% and my daily viewers by 26, 233%, yes those are real numbers!

I won’t show you my analytics that I have currently that’s top secret, but I was so stunned by my results from just 1 week that I had to share those results with you.

As you can see my saves were not that high, but that’s ok, you see even if you don’t have hundreds of saves, each save you receive puts your pin in front of the followers of the person who saved your pin, and even better if it’s saved to a group board you receive access to all of the followers in that group board which creates great steady traffic and a larger chance of more repins.

Group boards

Group boards are very important. Don’t get me wrong they are not the most important, as said before my own board received more impressions than some of my group boards.

However, group boards can give you more exposure if it’s an active board. For example, if you pin a pin to a group board with 10 contributors, and those contributors are also bloggers in the same niche and have between 1k to 50k views a month.

You gain access to all of those views from each contributors profile. Your pin will appear in front of all 10 contributors audiences.

That’s a lot of eyes and a lot of potentials repins as long as that board is receiving impressions, which remember you can check using Pinterest analytics.The biggest question new bloggers ask is

“How do I join a group board?”

Most of the time new bloggers are also confused about where to find them. I found my group board by visiting other bloggers Pinterest profile and checking their boards, some will have group boards some won’t.

When you find group boards you must read the description that shows up when you open them. Often the description has information on rather than the board is taking new contributors or not and how to join.

Most boards typically say follow that board, follow the person that contributed it, and send an email to the email provided.

My biggest challenge was Pinterest do not tell you which contributor created the board, actually, they do my friend. The contributor is the profile that takes up half of the circle that shows the contributors.

Certain group boards have certain rules, it gets hard to keep track of them. I’m a chart and pen and paper kind of gal.

If you’re interested in all of the spreadsheets I use to keep my blogging business in order comment below if you would like me to create an e-library to give you access to all of those.

In my chart, I have the board name and the rules to that board.Instead of remembering those details for each board I just refer to it when I schedule my pins for Tailwind and forget about it unless I pull it out for a few manual pins.

Don’t hesitate to create your own group boards, you get the same benefits without sending countless emails.

Facebook groups

Also equally important. You have no idea how useful these can be. Not only do you gain a community of like-minded women (or people, depending on your niche), you gain more chances to grow your following.

I have a group where I can ask questions and gain insight, and I have groups that love to share; where we exchange Instagram profiles to gain followers, repin each other pins, and comment on each other posts.Which is great for growing your audience and receiving great feedback.

Like mentioned earlier, the more places your pins are repinned, the more impressions you have the chance to gain.

More impressions = more chances for saves and clicks.

No impressions = no saves and clicks.

Pinterest Figured Out

This post is only a fraction of the information offered in Pinterest Figured Out, a complete guide to Pinterest.

If you really want to improve your traffic and you are serious about making a full time income, then I strongly recommend you read this ebook.Pinterest Figured Out goes over every aspect of Pinterest in great detail, includes examples, and will sky rocket your page views.

For 20 bucks you can completely change the way you look at blogging and start building your page views income.

It’s your turn mamas,

Basically, all of the components mentioned need each other. It’s like a sandwich, and you can’t have a sandwich without bread and something in the middle.

I believe this is a very long post and I really value your insights, please comment below if you believe you would benefit more from this post as a guide instead of a post.

What do you do to increase your Pinterest traffic and what have you found to not work for you?

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6 thoughts on “How to get more pinterest traffic

  1. Thank you for the tips! I also use tailwind and it really gives good results!

  2. This is so helpful for me because I am really having a challenging time with this. Thank you!

  3. These tips are so helpful! I’ve had my blog for about a year and a half and I didn’t know all of these. I’m excited to try tailwind, I haven’t given it much attention. I wish I had this resource when I was just starting out!

  4. First thank you for sharing! I am deeply greatful for you sharing advice on growing Pinterest traffic. I will deffinity be looking into doing this!

    1. I’m so happy that you find it useful, feel free to email me personally with any questions Alexis!

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