How to get your twins on the same schedule

How to get your twins on the same schedule

Not getting any sleep?

I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Your twins are as sweet as can be from the moment they are born and once they came home their schedule fell apart.

They are eating 45 minutes apart and one is awake while the other is sleep ALL THE TIME. It’s ok mama, I am here to help!

How to get and keep your twins on the same schedule

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1. Don’t obsess over a time schedule

Yes, a structured day would be beautiful. But until your twins are in sync and act as one, then you are fighting a losing battle, my friend.

Focus on getting your babies to sleep, wake, and eat at the same time, then you can see how their flow usually goes.

Once your babies are in sync, it’s important to build a time schedule around times that are natural for them, not what would be best for you.

If you schedule a nap at least 30 minutes close to the time your babies usually nap you will find that they will stay on course a lot easier and longer.

In other words, let your babies take the lead and you follow with structure.

How to get your twins on the same schedule

2. Wake the sleeping giant.

I believe everyone has heard the phrase “don’t wake a sleeping baby”. Look… F**k that ok? You have two infants, TWO! If you would ever like to gain your sanity back and to have time to clean, or just for you, you will need to wake that sleeping baby.

Keep them awake together until your other baby is sleepy and lay them down together. Play with your baby to make him/her tucker out so that your other twin isn’t sleep deprived.

Play with your other twin as well in order to keep him/her awake just a little longer.

It’s a win-win. Your babies get to play with mommy and mommy gets some me time.

3. Tandem feed

You mean like get them both up there together?

How can I latch two babies at once?

I bottlefeed I can’t do that!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Twin nursing pillows are gifts sent from Heaven. Buffet for two has never looked so easy.

While your babies are supported, you can take the time to latch them carefully one by one.

I bottle-fed my twins one at a time for about 3 weeks. That’s when I realized I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t get any sleep in the next few hours.

I propped my babies on a pillow in front of me and held the bottles on each hand. I saved about 30 minutes. And those 30 minutes felt like an entire day.

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4. Develop a Routine

Even if you’re not following a Routine based on a structured schedule by the hour, routines will help guide your littles in that direction.

Every morning I wake my babies at 7 AM. If one of them wakes up before that time and is not crying I let him/her continue to stay in his/her crib until 7.

This let them know that this is the time that I should still be asleep.

I then turn on the lights to let my babies know that it’s daytime and change their diapers, get them dressed, and feed them. This signals to them that it is the start of a new day.

At night, I feed my little puree for dinner followed by a bottle. I bathe them, put their pajamas on, read a book and turn off the lights.

Once I notice they are tired I place them in their cribs. Once their bath is started they start to notice it’s time for bed.

Routines give your babies patterns that eventually they will recognize and expect.

The Ultimate Time management mini-course really has been a lifesaver with organizing my life. It has clear step by step instructions, great printables, it’s filled with tips and great examples.

After finishing the course I could breathe a breath of fresh air. I was more organized with my twins schedules, my housework, and my blog.

I recommend it to all twin mama’s because let’s face it, twinning is hard. Twinning and running a household, and online business, extremely hard.

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5. Be consistent

If you start a routine or schedule and just stop one day your babies will become confused. They have begun to rely on this pattern in order to know what to do and now their direction is lost.

This will result in cranky, overtired babies and it is the absolute hardest to soothe a sleep deprived baby to sleep.

All in all…

Let’s get these babies on track so mama can get some rest. Remember that you must take care of yourself in order to give your babies the best care and to twin truthfully.

How to get your twins on the same schedule

It’s your turn mamas,

What did you do differently to get your twins on the same schedule? What was your biggest help?

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