How to Make your Own Baby Food

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Today we will be talking about, well you will reading about, how to make your own baby food. Your baby has reached a new milestone and it’s time to start the adventure of solids.

If this is your first child, you can become very eager to start this process because every new millstone you and your child experience together is a magical one.

You might have questions like how to store homemade baby food, and is baby food healthy that’s store bought, and I’m going to answer all of those for you.

How to make your own baby food

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When to Start Solids

But wait! Before going any further please understand the AAP guidelines. If you don’t know who that is, that is the American Academy of Pediatrics, the big bosses that sets the baby rules. No drinking, smoking, and eating fish while pregnant, lay your baby on their back to sleep; that’s those guys.

AAP suggests waiting until your baby is 6 months old before beginning solids.


  • Your baby stomach doesn’t reach maturity until this point.
  • Your baby can develop health issues if introduced to solids too early.

With that said, I know. If you’re reading this post 9/10 your baby isn’t 6 months old yet and you want to start solids now dammit.

I believe this guideline refers more to BLW, baby-led weaning, which we will get to in a second.

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I actually just had my youngest, Lenarr, 4 month check up and my pediatrician recommended I start solids now and have him on 3 meals a day by 6 months of age.

Now when she said solids, she specifically said stage 1 baby food, or in other words, Purees.

It is ALWAYS recommended that you should work with your babies readiness signs and use the guidelines as just that, it’s not the law.

What do readiness signs look like?

  • Following your spoon or fork when you eat.
  • Opening his/her mouth when you are eating.
  • Your baby has doubles his/her birth weight.
  • Your baby is between 4 and 6 months old.
  • Your baby hold his/her head steady while sitting.
  • Your baby has lost his/her reflex to push their tongue out.

A good test will be to offer your baby a spoon of baby cereal and see if your baby swallows it, or pushes it out with his/her tongue.

Try this a few times because your baby reflex could be gone but it’s foreign to him/her, so your baby spits it out or simply he/she doesn’t like the taste.

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BLW vs. Purees

So what’s the difference between BLW and Purees? I’ll provide a summary, but there is a full post coming on that and the link will be just below here, subscribe or follow me on your favorite social media so you don’t miss it.

BLW is feeding your baby only solids that he/she can feed him/her self.

Purees are food such as fruits and vegetables blending into a smooth consistency for spoon feeding.

If you start your baby on purees and move to finger foods, you are not Baby-led weaning. If your baby will or has never had purees, you are BLW.

If you want to BLW, please follow AAP guidelines on starting solids to avoid your baby developing health issues from early consumption of solids.

Why Make your Own Baby Food?

Depending on how much your little one eats, you could easily spend $120 on baby food alone. That’s almost another grocery bill, hell that could be a phone bill.

If you are a stay at home mom or even someone who just likes to save money, you want to go with more of a frugal option right?

Also, when feeding a jar of bananas, I expect it to be bananas, and maybe even some water. Have you read the back of a baby food jar? Is baby food healthy?

How to make your own baby food

Definitely more than two ingredients, and this is the organic kind! To get one that really has just those two magic ingredients is $3 a jar!

With $20 you can make your own baby food for an entire month and know exactly what you are putting in your baby. Let’s get started shall we?

What Will you Need?

Before we start making our own baby food, there are a few things you will need:

  • Blender
  • Ice cube trays
  • Cling wrap
  • Ziploc storage bags
  • Sharpie Marker or labeler

I suggest getting a baby bullet, because it’s compact and comes with baby jars.

How to Make your Baby Food

So I think this part is way better explained by video. No, I’m not working with her or receiving a commission, I just really find this video helpful and thoroughly explained, and I think you will too. She also talks about how to store homemade baby food, so make sure to check it out.

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              • Always feed your baby with a bib! It can be very messy.
                          • Take your baby food out to thaw the night before you want to serve it.
                                      • Introduce foods one at a time for 3 days to watch for signs of allergies before combining different foods together.

                                      I hope you found this post useful don’t forget to share it! Also, don’t miss out on your free meal planner and grocery list for babies and toddlers, which is great to use when making your own baby food. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

                                      How to make your own baby food

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