How to Save Money as a Stay at Home Mom

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I’m a stay at home mom, to 3 kids under 2 and one on the way, and no, their father doesn’t clear 6 figures. So it’s definitely possible for any mother that wants to, and one way it’s possible is by saving money. I’m going to teach you how to save money as a stay at home mom or how to become a stay at home mom.

When I was pregnant with the twins, I wasn’t thinking “I’m never going back to work“. In fact, I did go back to work. Those 4 months of work however, was the worst 4 months of my life.

Daycare was too expensive so we opted for occasional sitters to cover the periods we both had to be at work, and when we weren’t on the same shifts the other parent simply took care of the kids.

But dealing with occasional sitters was a nightmare. Sometimes someone would not show, or rates would be ridiculous, or I would spend the entire time I’m at work wondering what was going on with my babies at home.

After missing my 3rd shift within a month from sitter problems, I threw in the towel. (Little did I know, my employers was losing 2 people instead of 1).

Pregnant, and jobless, we figured my best option would be to stay home permanently. Daycare for 3 kids was out of the question and would defeat the purpose of a 2nd income.

I didn’t want to give up some of the little meaningful luxuries I was used to, but that’s where we started, a budget. And after budgeting I realized that there were lot’s of other ways to save money, and make living off of one income, a breeze.

How to save money as a stay at home mom

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Financially Prepare to be a Stay at Home Mom

One of the easiest ways, and the first place to start like mentioned earlier is by budgeting. Plan to save, and you can save.

Cut out the expenses in your life that are the easiest to cut out. For example, we had cable, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube premium, prime video, and live stream TV. Ok I don’t know about you but I don’t know a single person that watch that much TV, including us, we just used them for different things. So the first thing we did was narrow that list and before we knew it we kicked over $100 off our bills.

After continuing to make changes, we were able to cut a huge chunk out of our bills and having one income didn’t seem as scary anymore.

After cutting our bills, like I said, hubby isn’t rich so I still needed some more ways to save money as a stay at home mom.

Getting Rid of Unused Items

As your babies grow, there are certain things you don’t need anymore. As time goes on, that thing you bought in 2005 has collected enough dust on it to become an antique. There are plenty of places like the facebook marketplace that you can sell those unused items. You can add that money to your rainy day fund, or use it for household items.

Save Money as a Stay at Home Mom with Couponing

Speaking of household items, don’t pay full price for that shit! Excuse my french. But darling, couponing is one of the best inventions in the world for us. Have you heard of Krazy Coupon Lady?

You can use coupons to get amazing deals, or you can extreme coupon and get your items for free. I even know a few mom’s that coupon as a side hustle by selling all the bulk items they are getting for free.

The Krazy Coupon Lady will tell you exactly where to find what coupons and for what stores. Want to know more about couponing? Let me know in the comments below.

DIY Projects

There are a lot of things that we buy, that we buy only out of convenience. Cut down on spending by making some of those things yourself.

  • Instead of buying fast food, search Pinterest for a copy cat of your favorite recipes and make them from home.
  • Love to shop for scarves, gloves, and hats in the winter? Crochet or knit your own.
  • You can use natural cleaning supplies with easy DIY instructions.
  • Make new furniture items.

I’ll include links to done some cool DIY projects below.

50 Dollar Tree Items to Craft, Transform, and Hack

Easy DIY Chunky Throw Blanket

Make Your Own Pantry Shelf

Cloth Diapers

Do you know the annual average cost for diapers?


The average baby goes through 2,700 diapers a year. Oh my God that’s a lot of diaper changes. Think about 2-3 years of diapers. That’s almost $3000. Insane.

Anyway, that $900 would look lovely in your family wallet and, side note, help the environment (that’s about 8,000 diapers headed to the landfill.

Cloth diapers are perfect money savers. No, you can’t really get a good stash for the price you would pay for 1 box of diapers, but you only have to buy them once. Here’s a link to a really good brand of cloth diapers if you are thinking of giving it a shot.

You can get a stash of cloth diapers for the price of a box of diapers if you make your own. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you could create a side hustle selling cloth diapers you’ve made.

Want to sew your own? I have a free cloth diaper template below. I’ve found that there are 10,000 cloth diaper tutorials, 60,000 cloth diaper patterns, but difficult to find good templates. What’s the point in having the tutorials and patterns if you don’t have a template to start with?

Also by signing up below, you will receive weekly information and advice on cloth diapering.

How to save money as a stay at home mom

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Did I miss some things? Let me know how you save money as a stay at home mom in the comments.

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