How to start a blog with children under 1

How to start a blog with children under 1

I started my blog when my twins were 3 months old. About a month later I strayed and came back full force. Starting a blog has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I am able to stay home with my children and allowed to be a homemaker without feeling like I’m burdening dad with all the financial responsibilities. Once you’ve built a system, you can complete full time work by dedicating an hour or two a day to your business.

But let’s face it, starting and running a blog is hard work. It’s so easy to get sucked in; you want to be successful, you want to make a full time income, and you find yourself dedicating 50+ hours a week to your new career. If you have the time go for it, but it’s not something that has to be done in order to reach those goals.

So how do you do it twinning you ask? Where do you start and more importantly what do you do after you start? Don’t worry I have the answers.

How to start a blog with children under 1

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1. Finding time to set up your blog

First thing first, you want to find the time to blog. What’s the point in doing all of this research and over loading yourself if you don’t actually have the time to live out your dream?

The perfect time to blog I believe is when your babies are down for a nap, early mornings and after they go to bed for the day. You want to find the time that works for you and stick with it. It’s so easy to say you’ll get to it later, and later never comes. It’s even easier to fall into the blogging black hole and devote all of your time to work, neglecting other parts of your life.

When you find what time works for you, consider it your schedule. Show up on time to work, without a boss forcing you to and put in your time. If you are finding it hard to find the time to blog, or for anything in your life, I highly recommend that you take my mini-course, my course helps you organize your life and regain your time back with detailed step by step instructions that also helps identify patterns to create the perfect schedule for your world. I don’t know how I would have survived life without twins without my new awesome scheduling tool! Go mama!

Another thing that works for me is blogging from my phone. I also have a free email guide that teaches you how to do that as well. I’m able to complete certain blogging tasks from my phone while still watching and interacting with my babies. Join me in the comments or in the forums if you have questions or want more details.

2. Setting up your blog

I’m going to keep this part brief. Although it’s very important (can’t blog without a blog), I’m sure you’ve read the same things over and over again just like I did when I was researching beginning my blog. You’re mostly interested in what comes next. For those of you who is seeing these steps for the first time, here’s the short story.


Without a niche, you’re writing will be all over the place and you won’t have a target audience to focus on (very important with gaining traffic). Your niche can have several categories as long as they all have one thing in common. If you can’t write atleast 25 post ideas in that niche then you should choose another one.


Your domain is your website’s address. Your domain will also serve as your brand name. Have atleast 2, or 3 other names in hand just in case your chosen domain is taken.


Good hosting is important. You don’t want a host provider that will slam you with ridiculous extra fees. My hosting provider is godaddy. I received 12 months of hosting for $12. However, there were extra fees if I wanted essential things. I would recommend bluehost. I’ve heard raving things about them and plan to move my site there once my year is over.


WordPress is a must have! This is the platform that you will build and edit your blog with. I can use wordpress on my phone to do just about anything.

3. Maintaining your blog

Okay, here’s the part most people are curious about. First thing you should know about running a blog is that you need a blogging schedule. Your schedule will keep you on task through out your blogging journey. It’ll also keep you from having blogging overload.


Your schedule wants to include:

  • Marketing
  • Checking emails and comments
  • Creating and finalizing your posts

I break mines all the way down into smaller tasks to make it easier to schedule and get through. This is perfect for mom’s with little ones. Completing the smaller tasks during brief moments during the day can cut out a chunk of the work you may do while your little ones nap.

For example:

  • Updating tailwind
  • Drafting posts
  • Creating opt ins
  • Creating images for posts
  • Adding links and images to posts
  • Updating social media

If you need help developing a schedule, check out my course here.


I mentioned updating tailwind. Tailwind is an essential part to my marketing and my blog traffic. It is apart of my secret to receiving pinterest traffic. Tailwind posts to my pinterest account at the best times to reach my audience and without me having to remember every ideal time and having to do it myself. I get automated high-quality marketing, and more time to do things around the home and with my children.

It’s your turn mama’s,

What is helping you maintain your blog with small children? Tell me about your daily routine.

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