Mom hacks for newborns

15 mom hacks for newborns

Congratulations! Newborns are such a blessing! But they can also keep you busy. Luckily I have a few mom hacks for newborns that made caring for my newborns a little bit easier.

When i had my newborns, my beautiful 1 year old boy/girl twins, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was my first time being a mom.

Being a mom doesn’t come with a manual, but the second time around did, I built my own.

This time, with my newborn son I’ve learned what worked and what didn’t work and some life changing hacks.

Mom hacks for newborns

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1. Keep a night station

-diapers, burp cloths, extra change of clothes, pacifier, gripe water link to must haves for newborns, pumpNight stations are so valuable. In your cart, basket, or storage container you should keep the following:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Burp cloths
  • Extra change of baby clothes
  • Extra pacifier

The rest depends on your individual needs. If you are breastfeeding, you would want to add your breast pump, landolin cream,etc.

2. Prep bottles if using any before bed

For formula feeding, keep bottles prefilled with water, and small containers with formula already portioned. This will save you a lot of time, and make night feedings so much smoother.

3. Old diaper under new diaper

Even when using a changing pad or mat this is an amazing hack. Little boys can sometimes randomly pee during diaper changes. You can eliminate being sprayed by already having a diaper already there. Not to mention keep down messes if you missed a spot.

4. Stinky diapers

Diaper. Genie. Magic words. I stopped using mines and instantly my house started smelling like smelly diapers. Yuck! Diaper genie bags can be expensive, but worth it.

Instead of diaper genie bags if you don’t want to put out the cash you can use shopping bags, or even small trash can bags to tie the bag off before putting it in the trash.

5. Paci clips

You would think with a newborn it wouldn’t be hard to loose pacifiers clips. Wrong! These things are the easiest to loose. Pacifier clips are your bestfriend.

6. Routine

I talk about this in my newborn daily schedule post, babies THRIVE on routine. Babies need constant guidance and start to remember patterns.

So I can not stress enough how much of a headache you will save starting simple routines early, it’s so much easier than when they are older.

15 mom hacks for newborns

7. Air bubbles

Using bottles designed for colic is great for keeping gas at bay. Look for bottles that pushes air out.

Another great method is turning your baby unto hid

8. Latching

Having trouble getting your newborn to latch? Stressful is an understatement. Try squeezing out a bit of milk on the tip of your nipple and rubbing your nipple under your baby nose and on the top lip.

Your baby will open wide to try to accept your breast.

9. Engorged

I found this one out by accident. I was taking a hot shower and before I could get one foot out milk was running out of me like a faucet.

10. Milk stains

Everyone has heard of dreft baby detergent, but did you know drift also have a spray solution?

Spray it on your clothes for spit up, leaks, and your babies when it happens. When you wash the spot will come out easily.

11. Boppy

There are so many uses a boppy pillow. I should do a uses post like I did for muslin swaddle blankets.

Boppies are great for breast and formula feeding, having your baby close by, tummy time, acid reflux, and learning to sit up.

Don’t have the money for a boppy? You can also use a pillow.

Mom tips for newborns

12. Crying

I also learned this trick on accident. Ever brought your baby in the kitchen whole crying? Running water instantly stopped all 3 of my newborns crying.

You’re welcome.

13. Shoulder flaps

-diaper explosions

Some of you might know this already but I did not! And I mean this is huge for first time moms that don’t know about it.

Do you know how hard it is to try and pull a poopy onesie over a baby head without getting it on your baby’s head?

Turns out your not supposed to! Flaps by the shoulders open the top of the onesie so that you can pull the onsie down instead of up.

Pretty life changing right?

14. Storage containers

-bottle and pump organizationThis really is in two parts. Let’s start with the kitchen, this mom hack allows you to seperate nipples and bottles to your liking. You can put storage containers on your counter and avoid clutter.You can also use small containers to portion formula so that you don’t have to scoop it each time. Great for diaper bags and night stations.

15. Baby wearing

Everyone knows that saying you can’t spoil a baby. I’m calling bullsh*t, excuse my french

.And you realize it the very moment your baby starts crying every single time you put him/her down.I have twin toddlers, and their dad that after a long day of getting bills paid so I can have the blessing of being a stay at home mom that all expects meals on the table and a not so messy house, which is understandable.

My baby boy loves his mama and wants to be attached to me every waking and sometimes sleeping moment.The answer?You better wear that baby, mama!”But, a good quality baby carrier costs money mico.”

Muslin swaddle blankets can be used as baby slings, and many other things. You can find a video on how to use a swaddle to wear your baby in my post here.

Mom hacks for newborns

It’s your turn Mama’s,

What newborn hacks would you like to share?

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    1. Yes of course! I’ll make sure my future posts are longer, I welcome all suggestions 😊

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