Must Haves for Newborn Twins

Must haves for newborn twins baby registry

Having a baby, or in your case, bab”ies” is always a blessing! Congrats mama! Since this is most likely your first rodeo with two at once you have to be wondering, what do I really need? Once your babies are born it’s a whole different ball park.

There was so many things I needed and so many things I could have went without. When it comes to twins you can never be too prepared. Not to mention, it also depends on your babies.

I’ve come up with a list of things that I feel is essential to survive newborn twins. Make sure you grab my printable checklist to create your registry or to check off as you purchase. Tap on an image for more information on it.

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Must haves for your twin baby registry


Separate cribs

Sometimes when they are small mothers love to put their twins in the same crib. This can lead to separation issues down the road. They can also wake each other at night. Even if you do decide to put them in one crib, when they are bigger you’ll be happy you have the second one. Check these out!

Multiple crib sheets

Ok I was that parent that thought I’ll have their sheets washed before they lay down again. Let’s take a moment to laugh at my ignorance. I recommend at least 3. Random spit ups, diaper explosions, and runny noses are in your future.


I made the mistake of getting really thin mattresses. They were waterproof and I was told that a thin mattress can prevent SIDS. However, I don’t think they were comfortable enough for my twinks. Try Dream on Me instead. My twins slept better immediately after the change.

Crib bumpers

Yes, you need these! You will constantly find an arm or leg hanging out and a pacifier on the floor.


Diaper genie

If you are not a first time mom, I don’t have to tell you about the stench diapers make in an open trash can. Your nose will thank you mama.

Changing table

I didn’t use my changing table at first but I wish I had. Babies value routine and when your baby touches the changing table, they know it’s time for a diaper change. My twins constantly rolls and stands because I would change their diaper in whatever room I am in at the time.

Changing pad

Speaking of rolling and standing, a changing pad with a strap is godsend! So much time saved, and a less stressful mama.

Changing pad covers

I recommend 3. If your babies are in synch one blow out could possibly mean two!

Diaper and night stations

I’m not going into details on these I have a post how to survive the first 6 weeks with newborn twins that covers these stations in detail. Basically you want to go for a caddy or a cart for each room in your house that you would go in with your babies.


Twin z pillow

Rather you are breast feeding or bottle feeding you will love this pillow. Tandem breast feed or prop your babies in the pillow to tandem bottle feed.


Again, rather you breast feed or bottle feed you want to make sure you have bottles. I planned to breastfeed but my twins would not latch and also needed extra calorie formula. I was grateful I had some bottles on hand!

Stash of formula

You may struggle with breast feeding like I did or won’t be able to, keep a few cans stashed away. The worst situation t be in is having two babies screaming because their hungry and you have to make a store run.

Baby brezza

This is a bottle feeding mother’s dream. Trust me here. You don’t have to make and mix each bottle, make a pitcher, warm your bottles, it’s literally stress free. Press a button and you have a bottle in seconds and that’s at the right temp. Heaven.

Table for two

I listed this item for bottle feeding mothers. Once your twins outgrow the twin z pillow, this baby here is perfect for tandem bottle and or spoon feeding.

Bottle brush

Keep at least two of these. Over time you will want to replace them.

Drying rack

Have you tried fitting bottles and dishes in your dish rack or dishwasher? A bottle drying rack saves space when knocking out that mountain (it happens) of dishes.

Double electric pump and extra parts

An electric pump is a go to. Manually pumping can be exhausting and sometimes you need to multi-task. You have to clean your pump between each use (or store your parts in the fridge), having extra parts can save you time.


Ouch. Breast feeding hurts. Pumping hurts. Landolin can help soothe the aches you will develop, I loved using it.

Hands free bra

Need to pump and rock a baby? Not a problem with a hands free bra!

High chair

I love the space saver high chairs, when it’s time to eat at the big kids table these high chairs are perfect and your little ones feel more included during meal times.


You can never have too many spoons. I often have to let a little one hold one while I feed them or havoc will happen.


Dove wash and shampoo

Most of you have heard by now, but for those of you who haven’t, Johnson’s is not so good for your baby skin and hair. Dove leaves their skin feeling so smooth, my twins have eczema so moisture is important to me.


One infant bath tub is all you need. You can try to bathe both babies at the same time, especially if you have help. But if your loved one is working until late like mines, bathing two at once is a nightmare. Bathe and dress one, then move to the next.

Wash cloths

You can never have too many and honestly, with boy and girl twins, the pink and blue doesn’t matter. You adopt the mom attitude of you just want to get it done, clean babies is all that matters.

Hooded towels

Now you do want to have plenty of these on hand. If your bathing your babies twice a week that’s automatically four towels and that doesn’t account for accidents. Once they start crawling you might opt for 3 baths a week. I recommend at least 10 hooded towels.

Bath seat

Most registries focus on the now, you also want to think about later. It sneaks up on you faster than you realize and next thing you know your twins have outgrown their bath tubs. Not to mention with the bathseats it becomes slightly easier to get them in the tub at one time.

Nested Bean - We Help Babies Sleep And Families Thrive.


Preemie clothes

The birth weight you are given before your babies get here is just an estimate. Also, twins are high risk for early labor. Keep at least 3 preemie onsies for each baby and a sleepnplay just in case you need them, if not you can always return them.


You need 6 swaddles. That way you don’t have to run to the wash.


Oh boy. Start with 10-12 onesies a piece. You don’t want to have too many, they will grow very fast, and You don’t want to end up with not enough and have to run to the washer. (Laundry is so hard to get done with babies).


I can’t begin to tell you how many socks have been lost. I would have at least 3 6 packs for each baby.

Burp cloths

I have maybe 20 burp cloths and I used and still use all of them. The moment I don’t use one is the moment it was needed.


Expect to use a new bib every feeding even if you don’t. If your feeding each baby every 3 hours that’s 8 bibs a day for each baby. But who wants 30 bibs? I would have at least 20 like with the burp cloths. There are times your babies won’t soil their bibs.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleepnplays. It definitely saves the sock problem. If you’re getting them just for them to sleep in 6 should be enough for each baby. Remember the goal is to not have to wash too often.


This really depends on the season your baby is born. Unless you have a winter baby you don’t needs that many hats. The first 6 weeks your little one should only leave the house for doctor visits.

Hand mittens

You may or may not use them, but you definitely want them for winter and if your baby is a scratcher.


I would recommend at least 5 outfits in newborn since your babies will outgrow them quickly.

On the move

Double stroller

I really like this stroller. Strollers that you have to lock in the car seats are a pain. What if I want to leave my car seats in place?


I prefer my single child baby carrier. I don’t even know how I would get both babies in on my own. But majority of twin mom’s swear by this one. Baby wearing can help out a lot when it comes to getting something done around the house and your little wants you near.

Pack n play

I have portable mini cribs so I didn’t think I needed one. But I suffered from constantly moving their cribs, and not having a way to keep them from rolling all over the place besides the floor. I also had to put them in the bed with me if they slept in my room.

Most of my descriptions have been short, but this one deserves more space. I have two bassinets, a pack n play, and changing table all in one unit. Instead of separate diaper stations and moving bassinets to different rooms I can have one of these in my room and one in the living room. But moving a pack n play is definitely lighter work than moving a crib.

Diaper bag

You need to pack double the amount of diapers, clothes, and bottles, but only carry one bag.


Baby monitor

You want a baby monitor with video. Why? Sometimes when your little is crying they are just whining in their sleep and you walk in their room and they wake. Or if your littles play in their room independently once they start crawling you can watch the from your monitor while you cook or clean.

A swing and bouncy

Please don’t get two swings and two bouncies. You could be wasting money and space. Get one of each until you know if your littles like them. My son didn’t like the bouncy and my daughter didn’t like the swing. Every baby is different.

Nose frida

This thing is amazing. Most babies hate getting their noses clean. This thing makes it faster to get the job done.

White noise machine

Self-soothing is a mama’s best friend. The earlier you start the better. If you play the machine for every nap and bed time, as your babies get older they will recognize that okay, it’s time to sleep.


For those of you who don’t know, soothies are the hospital branded pacifiers. Anti-paci moms keep scrolling because soothies have pulled me through so many rough spots. They remind babies of a nipple, so it is literally the easiest pacifier to get a baby to take.

Pacifier clips

Ever gotten out of bed more than 6 times a night just to replace your baby pacifier and spend about 5 minutes trying to find it. Or your little crawls off and loses a pacifier around the house? Pacifier clips has been a life saver.


Last but not least, Do NOT wash your baby clothes in regular detergent. You will hear people say they did it and their baby is fine, but it’s still risky. I did it once because I ran out and my babies were covered in hives. ALL clear is also a great detergent to use on your baby clothes.

Whew! What a list. Be sure to print yours here. Every item listed here can be found on Amazon and can be added to your Amazon baby registry. You will receive a free welcome box just for having one.

It’s your turn mamas,

What was your go to baby product with your singleton or twins? What products could you have gone without?

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