My 9-12 month daily schedule

My 9-12 month old daily schedule

My babies are finally a few weeks away from their first birthday. This year has been the absolute hardest and most exhausting, but the best one I’ve ever experienced. Keeping my twins on a schedule definitely takes the edge off.

Through out the 9-12 month period I had to change their schedule at least twice to adapt to their changing needs and to prepare them to the transition into solids only and 16 oz. Of formula a day.

Here is the schedule that I am currently using for my twins. At this point, they are down to a night and morning bottle, with formula in their sippy cups through out the day, 3 full meals, and 2 naps.

If you want more information on their feeding schedule, you can check out my post and meal prep guide on it here.

When putting your twins on a schedule, be sure to design their schedule around their natural flow, if you need a little help you can always check out my mini-course that helps find the perfect schedule for you and your babies.

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My daily schedule for 9-12 month olds

Their current schedule

6:30 AM *********wake, get dressed, breakfast, play

9 AM*************nap

11 AM ***********wake, snack, play

12 PM ***********lunch, play

2 PM ************nap

4 PM ************wake, snack, play

5:30 PM********** dinner

6 PM ************bath

7 PM************ bed

In depth

I’m going to try to be as thorough as possible, but feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below. Also, their schedule fluctuates based on the day and their moods.

9-12 month old daily schedule


6:30 the twins are awoke and and want to start their day. I give them a bottle, and change their diapers. After changing their diapers I go ahead and dress them.

I let them play for about an hour and give them breakfast around 8. I learned if I try to give them breakfast too early or too late, they won’t eat. I go into more detail on that in my feeding schedule post.

After breakfast I continue to let them play until 9. I typically rock them to sleep, they usually will both fall asleep about 9:30.


The twins wake from their naps around 11. Once they are awake I give them a snack, usually puffs or teething biscuits and a sippy cup. I let them play until about noon.

Once it’s noon I feed the twins lunch and let them play until 2. This is the hardest part of our day. It is a struggle to get them down for a nap and this usually fluctuates.

Sometimes I won’t be able to get them to sleep until 3:30 or 4, which is their usual wake time for their naps. When they don’t nap on time, they wake around 5.


Once the twins wake from their 2nd nap, I give them another snack and let them play until dinner which is 5:30. At 9 months, they would receive a bottle instead of a snack if they went to nap on time.

Dinner is the beginning of our bedtime routine. They are usually a mess when they eat which actually works out at this time. Once they finish eating, I get them ready for baths.

Once my littles are all clean I give them a bottle and put them down for bed which is typically 7. If baths are finished early and they are sleepy enough they will go to sleep around 6:30 instead.

9-12 month old daily schedule

I currently bathe my twins every other day, on the days that I don’t bathe them, I wash them up to keep them familiar with our bed time routine.

I am also currently rocking them to sleep for naps and bed, I am working on the CIO method to be able to end the rocking. It’s been HARD! They hate naps, they love their bottles, and they still wake once or twice at night.

There is no such thing as the perfect schedule, things happen and your babies have certain needs and moods that will definitely throw a curve into your plans.

However, you can get pretty darn close to it, especially with my Time-Management course. By using my littles natural habits I was able to create a schedule that caters to their needs.

I can see the progress the more I stick with their schedule. I will be changing their schedule again on their first birthday because of their meal changes, I will definitely provide a post on my new schedule so stay tuned!

It’s your turn mama’s,

What is your current schedule like?

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