My 9-12 month old feeding schedule

My 9-12 month old feeding schedule

Where has the time gone? When I was ready for them to reach milestones time passed by dreadfully slow. Now that they are starting to stand on their own, eat solids, and can crawl, time went by in the blink of an eye.

My twinkies are busier than ever, getting their hands on any and everything in their paths.

At 11 months, I am starting to transition them over to finger foods and sippy cups. I give them their bottles only first thing in the morning, before naps, and before bed.

I have noticed they barely touch their milk when it’s in a sippy cup. Weaning them off of bottles is going to be quite the challenge.

My son also sometimes prefer a bottle over food, another problem I’m going to have to tackle.

At this point I want to introduce whole milk in increments and ditch the bottle all together. I will still give them their formula, 22-28 oz. Per day.

9-12 months is grouped together, but each month is different. Included is not only what I’ve done, but also what I should have done.

If you’re moving your littles to solids, be sure to check out my baby meal prep plan that saves me time while feeding my twins.

9-12 month old feeding schedule

9-12 month old feeding schedule

Feeding schedule for 9 months

6 AM: wake 6 oz bottle.

8 AM: breakfast baby cereal

8:45AM: before nap 5 oz. bottle

11:30 AM:wake 5 oz bottle

12:30 PM: lunch vegetable puree

1:30 PM: before nap 5 oz. Bottle

3 PM: after nap 6 oz. Bottle

4:30 PM: snack puffs

5:30 PM: dinner puree

6:30-7 PM: bed 6 oz. Bottle

This was a typical feeding schedule at 9 months for me. I was giving them a bottle before and after a nap, which explains my son’s reluctance to let them go. But with my hard nappers, it was definitely worth the help.

Feeding schedule for 10 months

6 AM: wake 6 oz. Bottle

8 AM: breakfast pancakes or cereal with fruit

11 AM: wake 5 oz. Sippy cup

12 PM: lunch veggies and fruit

1 PM: before nap 5 oz. bottle

3:30 PM: after nap 5 oz. Sippy cup

5:30 PM: dinner chicken and veggies

6:30 PM: bed 6 oz bottle

I feed them every hour between 11 and 1 because they will not drink much out of their sippy cups. Also, I give them a bottle after lunch to make sure they are full and have their nutrients. However, I took away the bottle before their morning nap to start transitioning.

9-12 month olds feeding schedule

Feeding schedule for 11 months

7 AM: wake 8 oz bottle

8:30 AM: breakfast pancakes and fruit

11 AM: wake 5 oz. Sippy cup

12 PM: lunch veggies, beans, and fruit

1:30 PM 6 oz. Sippy cup

3 PM: wake 5 oz. Sippy cup

4:30 PM: snack puffs

5:30 PM: dinner chicken, beans and veggies

6:45 PM: bed 8 oz. Bottle

They are completely finishing their 6 oz. Bottles so I am experimenting to see if they are ready for more. I’ve completely removed bottles except for their morning and night bottles and offering a sippy cup for their second nap only instead of for both naps.

They also eat a lot more now, so I’ve added beans to their lunch and dinner. Black eye peas, northern beans, lima beans, etc.

I am also about to start adding whole milk to their formula, 1/4 one week, 1/2 the next week and 3/4 the week after. My goal is to have them ready to ditch bottles, drinking regular milk and 16 oz. Of formula by one years old.

My pediatrician has warned me although it would be great to have them where they need to be at 1 years old, a lot of children struggle with the change.

Here is the schedule I will use when they are 12 months old.

9-12 month old feeding schedule

Feeding schedule for 12 months old

7 AM: wake 8 oz. Sippy cup formula

8:30 AM: breakfast pancakes, eggs, fruit

11 AM: wake 5 oz. Milk

12 PM: lunch sandwich, veggies, fruit, beans

2 PM: 5 oz. Milk

5:30 PM: dinner whatever we are having or a meat and veggie

6:45 PM: bed 8 oz. Bottle/sippy

It’s going to be really hard to break the bottle before bed routine, to make sure my littles get their 16 oz. I will offer a bottle if they do not take the sippy cups.

What works for me might not work for you. It all depends on your twins schedule and eating habits. When in doubt use these rules;

For every meal, a bottle should come before or after.

After 12 months, bottles should be replaced by sippy cups.

I prep my twins food for every 3 days to save me time each day and to keep their food fresh. Interested in what finger foods I give my twins or how I prep my finger foods? Sign up for my 9-12 months finger food meal prep guide.

9-12 month old feeding schedule

9-12 month old feeding schedule

It’s your turn mama’s,

How is your schedule different for your littles? What did you find to be the hardest part of transitioning to solids and sippy cups only? What would you do differently?

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