Newborn daily schedule

Newborn daily schedule

Newborn’s sleep just about all day during their first days of life. You might think because of this that you don’t need a newborn schedule yet.

I thought the same thing and was sadly mistaken. Babies thrive on consistency and routine.

If you start early, your little one will always suspect it and you won’t have to deal with a fussy 3 month old that doesn’t nap when he/she needs one.

A daily schedule will let your baby know when to eat, wake, and nap. You will notice after keeping your newborn on a schedule that your newborn will want to eat when it’s time to and wake when needed.

With twins things were a bit different, my newborns were not on the same schedule, and wasn’t on a schedule at all when I think about it.

It wasn’t until I created the method I use in my time management course that I got them on the same schedule (and the rest of my life).

Daily schedule for newborns

Why do I need a schedule?

As stated earlier, babies thrive on structure. They need guidance on what to do and what comes next.

It’s a lot harder to fix an off scheduled baby than it is to simply adjust a fixed schedule your baby is already on, trust me.

Also, allowing your newborn to sleep pass the suggested nap time means your baby is awake at night.

Newborn’s need 14-18 hours of sleep a day. Sometimes your newborn will wake to eat and immediately want to sleep. Try to entertain your baby to fully wake him/her up.

Newborn daily schedule

My schedule

Daily newborn schedule

This schedule follows the EWS method. EWS stands for eat, wake, sleep. Which means you want to feed your baby, interact with your baby, then lay your baby down for a nap.

The goal is to keep your baby from developing a need to feed in order to sleep and makes sure your baby gets a full feeding instead of falling asleep before becomming full.


  • Don’t rock your baby, as tempting as it is. I don’t mean don’t cuddle and rock your baby when you want to. I mean don’t rock your baby to sleep. He/She will become used to it and won’t sleep without it. Instead try laying your newborn down and patting him/her until your baby goes to sleep.
  • If your baby gets off schedule, keep your baby in the EWS cycle.
  • If your baby doesn’t want to wake for a feeding try rubbing your baby hands or talking to him/her.

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Having trouble?

If you’re having trouble keeping your newborn on a schedule, I recommend that you take my course.

It can be hard to juggle taking care of your newborn, keeping your house clean, cooking, and possibly working.

My course makes it easy to organize all of these areas in your life and even find time for me time.

Newborn daily schedule

It’s your turn Mama’s,

What are some things you do different with your newborn schedule?

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