Pinterest mistakes you want to avoid

10 Pinterest mistakes to avoid

Pinterest is responsible for 90% of blogger’s traffic. When used right, you can obtain a massive amount of traffic from just one platform, but if you don’t understand Pinterest, you won’t see the numbers. So, I’ve come up with a list of Pinterest mistakes to avoid.

When I first I realized Pinterest was a gold mine, I thought it was going to be easy.

So I created terrible looking pins, I applied for about 10 group boards, and randomly pinned 100 times a day. I wasn’t getting the hundreds of clicks I felt like my content deserved.


Because a lot goes into Pinterest; quality images, good SEO, timing, and boards. It took me 9 months to finally understand Pinterest.

I’m going to save you some trouble so you can turn Pinterest into a piece of cake.

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10 Pinterest mistakes to avoid

1. Not using Tailwind

This is a big one. Tailwind not only pins for you automatically, but gives you the best times to pin to reach your audiences, gives you information about your group boards and previous pins, and gives you access to tribes.

If Pinterest is king, Tailwind is it’s Prince.

You aren’t going to always pin at the most optimized times and figuring out when those times are can be tricky. Tailwind takes care of that for you.

I’m an early bird, so I’m normally sleep during peak activity for Pinterest. When I started using Tailwind my traffic instantly spiked from receiving this valued traffic pocket.

Pinterest Analytics shows which group boards your pins are performing well on but not your overall board stats. Tailwind gives you each boards stats in detail.

You can try it FREE right here.

2. Not using tribes

Tailwind connects you with other boogers in your niche, and without having to be in the same group board or following each other you have a chance to repin each other content.

Let that sink in.

That is THOUSANDS of more impressions at your disposal, missing out on that kind of exposure can hurt your maximum opportunity for exposure.

You can try it FREE here.

Tribes has made an enormous difference in my exposure and if you aren’t using it, get it, now.

3. Not writing good descriptions

Now I have seen some posts that have gone viral WITHOUT a description.


That post went live before Pinterest algorithms changed.

Pinterest works very similar to a search engine. And how do you get noticed by search engines? SEO!

I cover SEO in my free blogging course, but really go into depth on it in my Pinterest Figured Out E-book.

You want to use a description that describes exactly what your reader is going to read about. Make sure to include keywords in your description.

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4. Not using hashtags

Part of a good description is hashtags! Including 3-5 relevant tags can help Pinterest better categorize your pin and help your pins visability when your topic is searched. I like to use 3 niched down hashtags and 2 broader hashtags.

5. Not being consistent

This is another big one. Consistency is key. You can’t expect to see major traffic and results with Pinterest if you are a sometimey pinner and publisher.

It also takes a week or two to see a difference in Pinterest strategies and up to 3 months to really see an accurate difference in your pinning strategy.

So if you don’t see the results you want with a certain strategy within a couple days don’t give up on it. Be consistent with it and then see what kind of impact it has made on your profile and blog 2 weeks later.

Pinterest love fresh content, adding new posts on a consistent basis pleases Pinterest algorithms, increase your exposure and page views, and your readers love it.

6. Overpinning

Do you remember at the beginning of the post I said I would pin hundreds of times a day and not see results?

This is ok if it is not the same pin to the same group board multiple times a day. If you have a large number of posts and group boards, it can easily happen.

BUT you don’t want to spam your boards, not only can your board remove you, it doesn’t help any. The more times a pin has been pinned to the same board, the less exposure Pinterest gives it. I like to post a pin once to every board I have and space them out by day intervals (this is where Tailwind comes in handy.

That way I’m not only avoiding spamming my group boards, but my own profile as well. Your Pin schedule might look empty at first, but as you consistently post new content and add it to your tailwind queue, your pins will add up pretty easily.

You can also fill in the empty spots with other bloggers pin. Pinterest loves this, the 80/20 rule.

Pin 20% of your own content and 80% of others.

This is where tribes come in handy, plus bloggers aren’t too stingy to return the repin.

7. Not using SEO

Remember guys what we were talking about earlier with descriptions? Since Pinterest runs similar to a search engine it’s important to pay attention to SEO for your pin’s maximum opportunity of exposure. I’m not going to go into detail because I’ve done so in my free E-course, if you’re interested in learning about SEO, make sure you take it.

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8. Pinning to the wrong boards

We keep coming back to Tailwind, I can’t get that dreamy prince out of my mind.

Tailwind allows you to view all of your boards vitality score. Poor scoring boards can do more harm than good. Every now and then get rid of low scoring boards and replace them with higher ones.

Also pinning to group boards that are not relevant to your niche is like taking a blind person to an art gallery.

9. Not having rich pins enabled

Rich pins help Pinterest better categorize your pins by their purpose. I saw a massive spike in traffic when I enabled rich pins.

Pinterest has detailed instructions on how to do so.

10. Not manualing pinning

What’s the point in automating my pinning if I still have to do it?

Accounts that also manually pins is ranked higher on Pinterest, which means more impressions which leads to more clicks and money.

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