Twin Pregnancy 1st trimester

Twin pregnancy week by week 1st trimester
Twin pregnancy: 1st trimester

I’m excited for you mama! You’ve received twice the blessing.Twins are a wonderful yet challenging gift that will keep you on your toes. Twin pregnancy is definitely a whole different ball park.

Your babies develop the same, but have different effects on mama.What’s happening with your littles and your body right now?What will happen in the upcoming weeks?

Below you can find how your twin pregnancy will progress in your first trimester and what symptoms you can expect as your body changes and get ready to introduce your beautiful babies into the world!

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Twin pregnancy 1st trimester week by week

Twin pregnancy: 1st trimester

3 weeks

At 3 weeks your significant other rockets are penetrating your egg(s).At this moment it is decided if your twins will be identical or fraternal.


If your twins are identical, two sperms will enter the same egg and will share the same placenta.


Two sperms will enter two different eggs with seperate placentas.Tip: Boy and girl twins can not be identical, but same sex twins can be fraternal.

Twin pregnancy week by week

4 weeks

Your babies are the sizes of poppy seeds.At 4 weeks your placenta(s) are beginning to grow.Your cytoblast (group of cells that will form into yout babies) has attached to your uterus lining.Most women will not be able to tell they are pregnant until week 5 or 6.However, with a twin pregnancy, you will already notice a bulge starting to form, and your appetite will change.

Twin pregnancy week by week

5-8 weeks

Each of your twins are the size of:5 weeks – an apple seed6 weeks – a sweet pea7 weeks – a blueberry8 weeks – a raspberryAt 6 weeks, both of your babies heartbeats can be detected and their spinal cords and brains are starting to develop.By 8 weeks, your twinkies will have little buds sticking from their bodies, arms and legs that can bend.Their major organs are also starting to develop.

Twin pregnancy week by week

9-12 weeks

Each of your twins are the size of:9 weeks – a green olive10 weeks – a kumquat11 weeks – a lime12 weeks – a plumAlthough you won’t be able to feel it yet, your little ones are already stretching and kicking inside their womb.Their faces are already taking shape with teething buds and eyelids formed as well.Your littles can open and close their eyes to see their finger, toes, and nails forming.

Symptoms you can expect to feel

As mentioned earlier you will already be able to feel and see yourself expanding.You might find it odd that you’re already sporting a baby bump so early on, but your body is doing twice the work.You will already experience an increase in appetite, frequent urinating, nausea, and tender breasts.When I was pregnant with my twins I thought I was going crazy.Before I knew it was twins, other mom’s would tell me I’m exaggerating how I’m feeling or that it was too early for some of the symptoms I was having, but it was actually quite common and completely normal with twin pregnancy.

It’s your turn mama’s,

What are you experiencing in your first trimester with twins?Twin pregnancy week by weekTwin pregnancy week by week

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