Ultimate-Scheduling Time Management Mini-Course

How to actually get things on your to do list done

Are you a new mom? First let me say that children are a blessing! Even on my worst days a smile from my littles can bring a bright spot.

But life can be hectic. Not only are you juggling kids, you are also juggling your home, yourself, and work if you’re working,

I struggled with time management for 6 months after my twins were born. My house was always a mess, I was exhausted keeping up with my babies, and my blog seemed to be collecting dust. I was starting to lose my mind from lack of sleep, literally.

I would take 5 minute power showers every 3 days, it happens. I lived in sweats and a t-shirt, and coffee became my bestfriend.

I even began drinking my coffee all black, something I hate (I need sugar), and guess what? I loved my black coffee, it was the best taste of the day.

Plus don’t even start on a social life. Ha! What’s that?!

It was even taking a toll on my relationship. In his perfect scenerio of a stay at home mom, the children would be taken care of, the house will be spotless, and he would smell dinner when he walked through the door.

He was disappointed, and I was disappointed that he didn’t understand. Tending to children is time consuming, at any age.

Being a SAHM did not mean I sat at home baking cookies, ironing clothes, feeding the babies, and watching lifetime all day.

How to juggle your new roles as mom

Who else writes to do lists with high spirits in the morning to actually get things done and you never finish your list, that’s if your lucky to get started? *raises hand*

I saw other mom bloggers like Elna Cain, who seems to be able to juggle multiple businesses, her twins, and her home, and I started asking myself what was I doing wrong??

I headed to Pinterest and read post after post about how to get my life in order, but none of it fell through for me. I was lost, and stressed.


Because I wasn’t using my time wisely.

I learned during that stressful time that time management, planning, and organization, is the key to a successful week.

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How to juggle the roles of a mom

I tried following schedules from pinterest (we’ve all been there) and I found for them not be working for me.

I had to try atleast 10 different schedules, the cry it out method, you name it, and to no avail.

After many sleepless nights, I finally found a system that not only works for me, but that I also found to work with others.

I shared my knowledge with other twin mom’s and received a lot of messages about how useful my system is and how they were even able to use it to suit their babies growing needs.

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During sleep regressions, dropping naps, and new eating habits, my course allows your schedule to stay on course with your baby or babies.

Time management mini course

In that moment I knew that I needed to pass my tool on to other mama’s looking for a way out of that exhausting spiral and now you have a way too.

This system that I created was literally the best thing that happened to me.

Which allows me to stay on schedule and get back to the moments that truly matter.

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As my babies grow I’m able to modify my schedule and theirs to better fit their new needs in an easy transition.

At first I just wanted my twins schedule to be regular, but being able to schedule my housework, blogging, and me time as well has given me exactly what I needed to get everything done in a day that I want completed.

This 32 slide min-course (pretty big for a mini-course) is filled with printable worksheets, great tips, examples, and images.

All it take is 3 days in my course to get your life back!

What others have said about my course

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