What I Wish I Packed in my Twin Hospital Bag

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This post was really popular before I lost all of my content and started over. I still get notifications in Google Analytics about people searching for this post. So I thought it was only fair that I end the week with what to pack in your twin hospital bag.

This post will be a little different because I won’t be posting in detail every little thing that should go in your bag. However, if you want a full list I got you covered. You can download a full checklist with everything that you should pack in it below.

Instead, I’m going to talk more in depth about my hospital stay and those items that I really, really needed but did not bring. 😩

Surprisingly, I’m due with another little one, and after having 2 C-Sections, the 3rd one is mandatory. Who knew?

I struggled a lot with accepting that I’m a C-Section mama and that I will never push. If your interested in a post about exploring and overcoming that thought, let me know in the comments below.

What to pack in a twin hospital bag

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What Week Should Your Hospital Bag be Packed?

Every mom that’s giving birth to twins, especially first time mom’s is dying to know the answer to this question.

Carrying multiples is different from carrying twins, the longer they bake, the greater risk they face from Placenta Rupture.

This is actually not a fear that’s too worried about. Why? Most twins arrive early. A very scary thought, however, 60% of twins birth is premature. That’s over half mama’s!

After 32 weeks you really are just a ticking time bomb so I suggest packing your bag by 30 weeks. That gives you a few weeks to make sure it’s perfect, and if your babies want out unexpectedly, your not caught unprepared!

Keep this bag in your car at all times. I went to a Dr. appointment and was told to stay to deliver, just like that without warning there was no leaving the hospital for me.

This can happen! Hospital bed rest is a thing as well. So make sure you keep that bag in your car to save being stuck in the hospital with a dying phone. (Which really sucks.)

How Long do you Stay in the Hospital with Twins?

This answer differ in a couple ways.

  • C-Section: 3-4 days
  • Vaginal: 2-3 days

With no complications you will be able to stay the minimum required days. For me, I was supposed to stay 3 days that’s the minimum time for C-Sections. But my twins had trouble regulating temperature, and with passing their Bilirubin test so they chose to have me stay an extra day.

Which leads me to what I wish I packed in my hospital bag.

What I wish I packed in my Hospital Bag

  • 4 days worth of clothes

You never know what to expect when your little ones decide to make their arrival. Everything can go as planned or nothing could go as planned.

I wasn’t expecting to stay an extra day and only packed clothes for 3 days. Avoid running into this problem by just being prepared for anything.

  • A Longer Charger

If this isn’t your first rodeo you know exactly why this is on the list. I was going crazy with boredom because average length chargers doesn’t reach your bed right. So I had to let my phone sit to charge.

Some hospitals have plugs on the slide out bedside tables within perfect reach. If you’re unsure if your hospital does, take a longer cord, you’ll thank me later.

  • Nursing Pads

Oh my God I leaked so much it was beyond ridiculous! Every time your baby is hungry, you will leak. And I’m not even exaggerating this.

The hospital gives you like 4 pads at a time. I can not count how many times I had to send a nurse for more of them. I’m sure it was a pain in the ass for them, and it wad just down right frustrating for me.

This time I’m definitely taking my own so that I don’t have to worry about all the wet spots I had in my gown. *gag*.

  • Nursing Bras

On the topic of breastfeeding, for some mom’s, this is a no brainer to take. I didn’t think they were that necessary.

But when you realize that you can’t just bareback it under your gown so that you’re just always ready because of the insane leakage, and your constantly pulling your boobs out uncomfortably from your bras, you wish you would’ve brought nursing bras.

  • Baby hats with each twin name on them

Ok, that one sounds a little bit odd to you right? I had boy/girl twins (that looked nothing alike by the way) and I was asked which one is which over 20 times a day. I didn’t even have that many visitors. Nurses, doctors, the people that brings food in, just about anyone that walks in asks me which is which. 😐

You’re already in pain, you’re already feeding and caring for 2 infants while connected to IV’s or while filling out and receiving a million papers, I would just eliminate this frustration all together.

Something similar, but not as dramatic, would be to bring distinctive receiving blankets to swaddle each of the babies. But we ran through so many swaddles during our stay I honestly wouldn’t bother with it.

  • Nursing Gowns

Everything seems to circle back to nursing, that’s one of the biggest hurdles to deal with after birth because you have to get your milk to come in. If you don’t want to basically take your gown off to feed, these are a must have!

  • A Boppy or Twin Z Pillow

My nurse was rolling blankets to help me get my babies in the right position to nurse. And I had the rolling crib carts on the side of my bed for easier reach.

If I could have done it again, I would have that pillow. Not only would it have made nursing easier, but I could have propped the twins in a twin z pillow on the bed with me. The constant getting out of bed right after a C-Section is just painful, you honestly feel like you tearing in half when you stand.

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag for a C-Section

Speaking of being cut in half when you stand, there are some things that could make the road to recovery so much easier, starting in the hospital.

  • Belly Band

These things hurt to sit around in, so only wear it when you are up and about. But they are designed to keep your stomach in place, which is exactly what you need after surgery.

Walking will be so much easier and walking is exactly what you need to do in order to heal faster and to stop feeling that pull everytime you stand up. Your Hospital will provide one if you ask for it, but if you want a certain one or a certain fit, bring 1 with you.

  • Good Houseshoes

You always read about taking thick socks and socks with grips for the walk around the hospital you have to take during your stay in order to be released.

I didn’t mind wearing my socks around my room, but once it was time to venture outside my room, I wished for comfortable slippers so I wouldn’t feel like my feet was actually on the floor. Hospital jitters.

  • Peppermint Tea

It’s rumored that peppermint tea could actually slow down milk production. But for what it’s worth, I can take that gamble. That first bowel movement that you have to take before leaving the hospital is, well you guessed it, painful. Gas, is painful.

One of my nurses offered me peppermint tea and I swear the gas, that first movement, a piece of cake. I know longer felt the terrible stomach aches I was getting from not being able to release gas. (Your stomach muscles are extremely weak, you were just cut open, which makes gas and bowel movements extremely hard to pass since you cant push/force.)

I hope you found this post helpful, and remember if you would like a full checklist you can download a free printable one below.

What to pack in your twin hospital bag

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