What to Expect while Pregnant with twins

What to Expect while expecting twins

I didn’t know what to really expect with a twin pregnancy, it was my first. Definitely didn’t think I would ever have twins.

I was able to tell immediately that twin pregnancy is on a completely different scale than a singleton pregnancy.

I already had a baby bump at 8 weeks and my bladder was on steroids.

There’s so much I wanted to know, and some things I had to find out on my own. Luckily, you can find some of those secrets below.

What to expect while expecting twins

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What to expect while expecting twins

1. Unwanted attention

At first this was a crazy thought to me. If you are excited about your little ones arrival and if maybe you’ve wanted kids for a while and finally you are blessed with two bundles of joy, why would you not bask in your new glow?

You want everyone to join your blessing. It wears off fast, trust me. Working in the service industry, I was asked questions about my pregnancy literally non-stop.

Besides work, there was nowhere to escape it. Every time you walk into a store, restaurant, church, or going to the park, someone is going to ask you about your twins.

Once they find out you are expecting more than one, more questions are asked.

After a while, you will get tired of answering the same questions over and over again. I’m sorry but there is no avoiding this.

I was able to get a break however with online shopping. I used Amazon prime, I hate waiting on shipping and with prime I get two day shipping.

This also helps out a lot when I’m running low on diapers or need new bottles. Amazon also have Amazon family, which gives you discounts on baby items. Amazon truly stolen my heart.

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My babies were born needing preemie sizes and I had zero. I was able to get them shipped to my house and picked up by their wonderful father before even leaving the hospital. Hashtag, mom goals.

2. Extra hospital visits

To understand why you will have to undergo extra visits, you must understand the risks involved in carrying multiples.

A multiples pregnancy is considered high risk. 10% of Multiple mothers are at risk for pre-term labor, which is before 32 weeks.

However, more than half of twin pregnancies experience early labor, before 38 weeks.

A singleton pregnancy is considered full term at 39 and 40 weeks.

Full term for twin pregnancies is shorter because the placentas of multiples start to deteriorate earlier than singletons.

Your babies lungs are not fully developed until week 35.

To increase the chances of making it to week 38, you will be monitored more frequently.

By being monitored more often, your doctor will be able to spot anything that could cause complications from the beginning and increase the chances of avoiding nicu time.

My last month, I had doctor visits every single week, which is very common.

Top 6 things to expect while pregnant with twins

3. Shorter timeline

Now that you know the risk of early labor, your timeline has shortened. I personally recommend that you are completely ready for your Baby by 7 months.

Not only because of early labor, mama your going to be tired! Once you reach the final trimester walking is literally going to hurt.

I recommend during your first trimester that you get a notebook. Start planning your nursery, baby shower ideas if you might host your own, and gender reveal thoughts.

Once you know your genders you want to hit the ground running or you will find yourself stressed trying to figure out how you’re going to get it done when you have no energy and the pelvis pain kicks in.

By planning early you can even start rounding up help for your projects without feeling like it’s an inconvenience with a few weeks notice.

“When should I have those events?”

Plan your gender reveal for 1-2 weeks after the doctor discloses it. Since you planned it early, you can already purchase the materials, you can order your cake or whatever you decide on, and you can go ahead and send your invitations.

The beauty of planning ahead. It is a gift you will need once your littles arrive; thorough planning, scheduling, and organizing.

Baby showers are perfect between 26-28 weeks for twins. This is typically before the bedrest period, and about 2-3 weeks before you start to get weary. This gives you those 2-3 weeks to organize and wash your new baby items.

Nurseries are tricky. As the mom to be you want to be involved in every aspect. But there’s just one problem. We can’t lift furniture, we can’t paint, and we can’t lift above our heads.

However, we can do everything else. If you’ve already planned like mentioned earlier you can have your significant other and others help you with furniture, painting, and decals if you will use any.

The earlier you get this done, the better, so you can take as much time as you want to do everything else. I recommend starting on the nursery before your baby shower.

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4. Change of heart

I found myself questioning my life. Seriously. I always valued myself as a hard worker and didn’t imagine that changing.

Once my littles got here, I never wanted to have to go back to work. I also said I would put my children in daycare and quickly changed my mind once I was pregnant.

My habits, the way I was thinking, everything changes. The thing was, it wasn’t hard to do and a lot of it was subconscious decisions.

Be prepared to start making a new game plan, one that includes those babies even if you didn’t want to.

Don’t be disappointed, sometimes I think back and wonder if life would be different if I stuck to my game plan, but then I remember I made the best decisions for my family.

What to expect while pregnant with twins

5. Early bedrest

As mentioned before, a multiples pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy. It is very common to go on bed rest as early as your 7th month of pregnancy.

Have a back up financial plan in the case that you have to leave work earlier than planned.

I also recommend that you keep an over night bag ready in your car for appointments up until 6- 7 months, you never know when you might be asked to stay for monitoring, or if you will be admitted.

Hospital bedrest is not fun, being stuck in a hospital without your necessities and something to do is even worse.

Make sure you pack things you won’t need on a regular basis to avoid repacking every appointment.

Use a spare charger and travel toiletries for your bag that you won’t miss not having in your home.

As time gets closer (7 months to delivery), replace your over night bag with your hospital bag.

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6. Pain

Yes, yes, yes! I was in pain atleast for a total of 5 months of pregnancy. Braxton hicks starts early, and our body is constantly shifting and changing in order to support two more human beings.

Swollen feet. Sore hips, round ligament pain, back pain, heart burn, and those stupid braxton hicks is your life now. Some mama’s will sugar coat it, some bloggers make twin pregnancy look like a piece of cake.

I’m going to keep it straight up with you like I wish everyone was with me. It is HELL. Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy, especially a double blessing, is a beautiful thing.

But twinning truthfully, I have to say that the pain is real! Once I reached 8 months I can not begin to tell you how uncomfortable I was and with my discomfort growing everyday.

You start to tell yourself you are only about 3-4 weeks away from your scheduled delivery date.

Those 3-4 weeks become the longest and scariest of your life. You constantly count the days, excited to see your little ones and to ease your discomfort.

Every braxton hick you feel makes your adrenaline pump could this be the time?

Listen ladies, enjoy that time. Take baths, get prenatal massages, treat yourself, and get plenty of SLEEP.

Because once your babies do come, your life will revolve around them, some moments will make you want to pull your hair, but nothing can compare to looking at your babies, full of love and happiness and thinking I made that, the most amazing gift you could ever ask for.

It’s your turn mama’s,

What is something that you didn’t expect with twins? What are some methods you use to cope?

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