What to get a twin dad for father’s day

What to get a twin dad for father's day

Father’s day is almost here guys. We’ve had our day, and boy did we love it but now that that’s all over we ask, what to get a twin dad for father’s day?

You want to give him something of significance because even though they drive us crazy sometimes, or don’t help the way we might want them to help, they are there. And that means something.

I say this because I can’t be the only one. I love their father with every breathe in me, but being a mom is hard right? And rather we like it or not, or even make it that way, father’s have it easier and we sometimes can resent them for it.

Men are just better at hiding it, but they struggle too. Sometimes they want to help but don’t know how to, or don’t t know you need it.

Some men are the sole providers for their family and the pressure and weight of that responsibility alone causes stress and uncertainty.

For those of us that are stay at home mom’s we have to think, dad goes to work, and then spend time with the kids, and take care of your needs too.

Dad’s really don’t have a day off, just like we don’t. Unless dad doesn’t contribute with the children or housework at all.

When I think of what to get a dad of twins for Father’s Day, I think of what he might want to feel.

He wants to feel proud, appreciated, and loved. He wants to feel like even if everything isn’t perfect, his efforts are noticed.

So I reccomend getting a twin dad something that boosts their ego. Pride is definitely a large bone of man’s. Something that shows hey I have twins, and I’m proud of it.

Perfect Twin dad father's day gift

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My suggestion

Gift basket

This gift basket should include:

  • Something of value
  • Something of need
  • Something that says I thought about you
  • Something that strokes his ego

Something meaningful

Get your twin dad a gift basket with Something that is meaningful to him. If he’s into sports maybe include something of his favorite sports team, or his favorite body wash or cologne.

Something needed

Give him something he’s been needing like a new wallet, socks, or something related to his job that he’s been saying he needs.

I thought about you

Give him something that says you were thinking about him like his favorite snacks or candy, maybe even his favorite beer or alcohol.

Something that boosts his ego

Then include something to boost his ego about producing twins.

All men love an ego boost.

A T-shirt with Something about being a twin father is great. He can proudly display that he is a proud twin father.

Is he a coffee drinker? There are plenty of mugs for twin dads to give him a little reminder of the work he’s done.

There are plenty of twin dad gift items in my secret twin shop. You can gain free access to your twin dad for Father’s day.

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