What I wish I packed in my Hospital Bag: Twin Edition

Pack twin hospital bag

If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would. So I made a list of what I wish I packed in my hospital bag.

There are things I wish I brought to the hospital with me, and things I regretted bringing all the way down to the bag I brought.

I delivered my babies by C-section and I did not realize how hard it would be to just sit up and that changed my list completely.

I didn’t take into account that the hospital provides a lot of things for you or how hard it should be to move.

Grab your popcorn, this list will be mighty long. The hand cramping is real, but it’s so worth it to make sure you have a slightly better experience than I did.

Don’t worry, there’s a free checklist at the end with everything mentioned. So make sure that you check that out before you leave.

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My hospital bag: Twin edition.

What to pack in your twin hospital bag

#1. Your bag

Of course, before packing the things you need something to put them in, I recommend a tote bag.

Not just any tote bag, but a bag large enough to fit all of your belongings for the next 4-5 days.

If I could do it all over again I would take two of these bags with me instead of the 3 small ones that turned into 6 all together!

The hospital sends you back with more stuff than you think you need but take all of it mama, trust me you’ll thank me.

Not to mention the born day gifts you may receive from visitors. I would use one bag for me and one bag for goodies.

I purchased this bag for a trip to my parents and I was surprised on how much I could fit into this bag. Not to mention how cute it is.

Twin hospital bag

#2. Organizers

Have you ever had a C-Section before? Ouch! Bending down to search through your bag for your belongings time and time again is not what you want.

Standing up is almost impossible as well as sitting up alone.

I know I personally had my boyfriend half carry me just to go to the bathroom!

I really enjoyed using these. Everything stayed organized, I could ask someone to hand me something and they can see exactly where it is.
It’s also always good to keep the things you want by your bedside in a separate bag on the top or in a side pocket. This makes it very easy to pull out when you get to the hospital.
I’ve separated the rest of the list in the ways you need to pack. Starting with what you need in your bedside bag.

Twin hospital bag

#3. Bedside bag

  • Charger

I don’t know about other hospitals but it was almost impossible to charge my phone near me. I recommend you bring a charger and a portable charger.

When you first enter you will be placed in a waiting room. You don’t want to pull out your charger while getting poked by needles, connected to machines, and signing forms. I wish I would have brought a portable charger, my phone was dead before delivery. Sucked not being able to use it.

  • Rubberband

Honey. You do not want to be caught without these. Maybe you’re having a vaginal birth instead of a Cesarean. No woman wants to be trying to push their hair out their face while in the middle of that.

Or maybe you are having a cesarean. If you have contractions before your cesarean you don’t want to deal with your hair. You don’t want to try to tend to 2 newborns while barely being able to move with… I think you get the point.

Please, mamas, don’t take just one rubberband either as I did. I lost it and the remaining hormones kicked in at full force. I was so angry I lost the only one I had and was constantly battling my hair.


High bun is better than a low bun when sleeping in a hospital bed and breastfeeding. 😊

  • Earphones

Music is the best distraction for labor pains and to pass time. Labor can take a long time. Even with a scheduled C-Section, you could be in for hours of waiting.

I also watched Hulu and Netflix during my stay when the babies were sleep and nurses and doctors were tending to them. I wasn’t really interested in the channels there.

I recommend cordless earphones. As I mentioned, there will be doctors in and out. Someone will be sucking things in your IV. Someone will be pressing on your stomach. Dealing with extra cords is just a pain. With cordless earphones, you are free to move and be annoyed free. A lot of things will annoy you at this point. The pain is real. The shock that you are looking at two babies is real.

  • Digital camera

I use my phone for all of my pictures. The quality on a digital camera is way better though. I’ve seen some of my mom friends take pictures of their babies while in the hospital that looks amazing! You would think they hired photographers.

It makes it a lot easier to capture stunning photos of their first days for your baby book or newborn pictures. I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity, but it could be a money saver.

  • Chapstick

You already know from your millions of visits to your hospital by now that it is cold in there mama! Your lips will be drier than usual and you will be so relieved that you have your Chapstick with you. Nothing sucks more than not wanting your picture taken to capture the moment or having visitors and your lips look like they visited the Sahara Desert.

  • Brush

Some women take their flat irons and other items to do their hair with them, but I have found with the pain, prodding of doctors, and making sure your little ones don’t require NICU time, my hair was the last thing on my mind.

I recommend taking a good brush. It’s enough to keep you looking decent and eliminate the extra work that you won’t feel like doing.

  • Birthplan

Keep a copy of your birth plan in your bedside bag. It will be in easy to reach and you won’t have a problem pulling it out when you need to.

Please, mama’s, remember that multiples mean high-risk. Your birth plan may not be able to be followed exactly how you want if the doctors need to make last-minute changes to ensure a safe delivery.

Twin hospital bag

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Main bag:

Your main bag contains everything else that you won’t need immediately but will be thankful that you brought with you.

Maternity Robe

I absolutely hate the hospital gowns. Let’s just say it, I think everyone does. You will have so many people coming in and out, last thing you want is to get up and everyone gets a good view of your cheeks.

There are also gowns that are made to match some maternity gowns. I tell all new mama’s to get both. The gown after delivery is gross, covered in fluids and blood. You don’t want to lay in that, but the hospital does provide extra gowns.

Underwear and bras

Don’t pack underwear. I was provided certain disposable underwear that rises above my cut line and that’s made to fit the enormous pad you will be sporting for at least a week. I even stocked up on some to take home they were amazing.

If you plan to nurse, I recommend wearing nursing bras for easier access. Don’t worry about nursing pads to insert into them, the hospital provides those as well.

At first, I didn’t want to be bothered with a bra but once you start seriously leaking you will be happy you have them. I would only pack about 3, your milk does not automatically just start flowing out. For some, like myself, I didn’t receive mine until day 3.

P.S. My babies were born small and the doctor insisted on using extra calorie formula as well as breastfeeding. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t exclusively breastfeed, a fed baby is a happy baby.

Going home outfit

Ok mama, you came you conquered, and now its time to go home. You need to wear a shirt with a lot of slack, preferably a maternity shirt from around the time you were 6 months pregnant.

You don’t want anything that will hug you too tightly, it will cause you more pain than what it’s worth.

For bottoms, I recommend high-waisted pants that come above your scar and that’s loose-fitting on you. I wore stretch pants. That was a mistake. The elastic band in my pants sat right on the bikini line. Ouch.


This is pretty self-explanatory. But, unpacking when coming back took me a week because I simply didn’t feel like it, not to mention my littles was off schedule when was awake the other was asleep.

If I had a second chance I would use a travel size toiletries that way I just have to put the bag away for next time I happen to stay away from home and all of the items that I use on a daily basis will be exactly where I need them to be.

You can find one through Amazon, if you haven’t noticed I love Amazon. Their family program is perfect. You receive reward discounts on purchases and 2-day shipping.

The first link I gave you gives you Amazon Prime free for 39 days. The second link givers you Amazon family program free for 30 days. You’re welcome.

When I can’t leave the house I can order diapers, bottles, onesies, even baby food and get them in 2 days without having to go anywhere, receive discounts, and can schedule diapers to arrive every month.

Baby book

Take this with you!!! My baby book is collecting dust. I have so much to put in it but so little time.

If I took it with me I could have filled in things while I had the time, got their footprints stamped, and their tiny wristbands in.

They are 5 1/2 months now and sometimes it’s still hard to get in a shower.


Unless you prefer hospital socks. They’re actually not that bad. After a cesarean; I know I say that a lot but most multiple’s moms have one, you can’t leave until you have taken a walk around the hospital.

I actually found that this walk was very good for me, healing happened a lot faster because I spent so much time walking before I left the hospital. Needless to say, I was happy I had my robe and slippers.

Twin boppy

This should have been the VERY first item on my baby registry. Trying to walk back and forth to each baby after being cut open, or pushing is just not cool.

I’ve seen on other mom blogs pictures of mom’s with their twins inside the boppy on the hospital bed. I was overwhelmed trying to hold and bottlefeed both babies.

My boyfriend was still going to work so he could be home with me and the babies the first few days instead of in the hospital where we had 24\7 help if we asked.

When I say life would have been so much easier with one of these in my life, I’m twinning truthfully.

Twin hospital bag

It’s your turn, Mama,

What do you wish you would have packed in your hospital bag? Expecting mama’s what do you feel like should be added to your hospital bag that’s not on the list?

Twin hospital bag

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